Planning The Perfect Vacation

7 Tips For Planning The Perfect Vacation

Vacations are essential for a healthy lifestyle. If you take a few days off from your busy work schedule, you can rejuvenate your mind and body and return to work with a clear head.

Numerous studies show the advantages of vacationing to one’s mental and physical health. Taking frequent vacations can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome— a condition characterized by high blood sugar and high blood pressure. A study also found that working 55 hours a week increases the risk of stroke by 35% and the risk of dying from cardiac issues by 17%. In addition, 26% of the respondents of a recent study conducted in the US revealed that they never took a vacation longer than two weeks.

If you’re someone who isn’t used to seeing the sights and enjoying nature’s splendor, plan a trip now! Below are a few tips for making your next vacation a success.

  1.       Find The Perfect Accommodation

While finding accommodations is not a challenging feat, finding a perfect one can be heavy on the minds of procrastinators. Besides booking hotels in advance, you need to ensure that your hotel is near as many attractions as possible. This trick can also help you decide on a place to visit if you haven’t decided on one yet. However, you can also utilize services like luggage storage Amsterdam to store your luggage near attractions and enjoy your time without having to worry about your bags.

Browsing through online travel companies, you can easily locate the ones that boast tourist spots along with affordable accommodations. For instance, Gatlinburg is taking all the brownie points as an emerging tourist destination because of its several hot spots and affordable yet luxurious hotels. These hotels in Gatlinburg TN offer luxury, convenience, and comfort. Whether you decide to visit alone or with family, you’ll find the trip to be easy on the pockets. In addition, there are multiple shopping opportunities, fun-filled attractions, and dining options available within walking distance.

While you’re on the hunt, make sure you pick a hotel that features an outdoor pool. Soaking up the sun on a lounger all day or splashing around and making new friends can add to your list of memories and easily turn your weekend getaway into a weeklong vacation.

  1.       Choose The Right Time Of The Year

Once you have decided to go on a vacation, the next thing is to consider the time. You won’t want to ruin your vacation by going in the middle of summer when the sun’s scorching heat is melting everything. Similarly, going in the winter when snow blocks the roads and confines you in your hotel room is unwise.

Your choice of the region can help you decide on vacation time. Do you want to see the mountains? Or do you plan to lounge on a California beach? Some people like to explore metropolitan areas, enjoy city life, and shop their hearts out.

  1.       Decide The Length Of The Vacation

Most people think more time away is better when it comes to vacations. But it might not be the case all the time. If you stretch out your vacation for too long, you can get bored with your surroundings. You may also start craving your home. Being away from your house can tire your nerves, ultimately ruining the entire experience. Therefore, your time away from the house should not be too short or long. Depending on how many places you plan to visit, plan your trip without lingering for too long. If you are with family, your vacation can be three days to one week long. According to the study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the length of an ideal vacation is exactly eight days. The vacationer feels increasing happiness over the first few days, with the feeling peeking on the eighth day. After that, the feeling starts to fade away gradually.

  1.       Narrow Down The Places You Want To Visit

Given the limited time you have, you cannot visit many places. After selecting the region, you will have to narrow down your options to a few places. Consider the region’s atmosphere, places worth seeing, and the cities that match your liking.

  1.       Read Reviews Of Other Travelers

Once you have narrowed down the list of places you intend to visit, double-check your selection by reading the reviews of previous travelers. Know what they had to say about your chosen locations. The more you read these reviews, the more you will know the landscape and the most popular areas at a destination, things to do, or food to eat. People who have already visited these destinations will know the most about them. For instance, your chosen resort may look good in the picture, but how will you know if it is really like that? Do your research and read reviews. Visit websites such as TripAdvisor for informed reviews from people who have been to these places. Moreover, hit up some social media platforms such as Reddit and read the firsthand experiences of popular sites. Your research can change your destination decision.

  1.       Consider Your Budget

Starting your trip without researching and comparing the cost associated with vacationing can give you shocks when your expenses exceed your budget. Know the cost of the accommodation, food, sightseeing, and transportation, including airfare and inter-city travel. Be honest with yourself and make a realistic budget if you don’t want to go down into a financial wormhole. Setting a reasonable budget helps you decide on essential things and avoid spending on negotiable ones.

  1.       Find The Best Deals Online

Time plays an important role in finding the best deals for traveling, especially air travel. You can visit travel comparison sites to compare the fare to and from different places. Fare is generally high during times of higher demand. Comb through a couple of websites before firming up your dates and looking for the most affordable deals.

Websites like Expedia and Kayak can surely help you save some dollars on your travel expenses when trying to stay within budget. Saving a few dollars adds up and makes a big difference.

Based on the available travel and accommodation deals, you may need to change your vacation dates by a few days or weeks. Or you may decide to choose a different place altogether. Therefore, have some tentative dates in your mind before researching, but be flexible to change them if need be.


Planning your perfect vacation takes effort and time. You need thorough research to find the best deals and fares and select the places with the most positive reviews. All your planning should help you stay within your budget, preventing you from any financial trouble during your vacation. Therefore, your planning should start a few weeks before your departure.

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