Busting the myths associated with a Mammogram

It should not come as a shock that like every medical practice, there are several myths associated with idaho mammography screening, which is actually a very helpful technology in terms of a woman’s medical health. We thought that it is not fair that these methods exist around a Mammogram, which is why in this article we are setting out on a mission to bust them and bring the truth to you.

You will be exposed to an excessive amount of radiation

It is true that radiation is used in the process of getting a Mammogram but it also must be known that the amount used in the process is strictly guided by medical guidelines and is indeed a very small amount. If your doctor has suggested you get one, the only thing that you need to be worried about is that adhere to the intervals suggested by your doctor, and getting it done from a certified facility.

You can’t get it done without a prescription

One of the most prevalent myths about getting a Mammogram is that you need to get a prescription from your doctor in order to get this scheduled. However, this stands incorrect as you can simply book an appointment for yourself and get a Mammogram done. It is even suggested that a lady who is above 40 years of age must get a Mammogram every year.

I don’t need to get a Mammogram done

You can often see that people who have no symptoms or have no history of a relative having breast cancer think that they don’t need to get the yearly Mammogram done. This is a misconception that can prove to be very risky as you can miss a chance of detecting a cancerous growth at the right time when it can be treated in a non-invasive manner. If you are a woman who is above 40 years of age, you must make it a point to get yourself screened every year, regardless of the family history and symptoms.

Getting an early Mammogram can prove to be very beneficial for you as it will help you in detecting any cancerous growth in the benign stage. You must make it a point to have a talk with your doctor and discuss the factors and other important things and not the yearly mammogram.

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