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Top Necessary Things To Do If You Have A Hip Injury

Slipping and falling are common accidents that occur daily. There are numerous causes for these types of incidents, including negligence on the part of others. A serious outcome of such accidents is hip injuries. If you hurt your hip, there are a number of important steps you should take in response to the accident.

Obtain Medical Intervention

When a slip or fall involving a hip injury occurs, a wise course of action to take is to seek out medical attention. If a minor injury resulting from these occurrences is suspected, a wait-and-see approach can be taken in determining whether a doctor’s visit is needed. However, for more serious accidents involving this type of injury, where a person is unable to get up and is experiencing severe pain, calling emergency response services is definitely a necessary measure to take. In cases such as these, immediate surgery might be required to repair hip fractures.

Other procedures that might need to be performed are x-rays or CT scans. During and after surgical procedures, medications will likely have to be administered to manage pain. Patients may also choose to undergo adjunctive treatments such as acupuncture as therapies to help in alleviating pain or anxiety.

Attend Physical Rehabilitation Sessions

After hip surgery, a hospital stay followed by a period of rehabilitation usually takes place. Visiting a physiotherapist is the primary method in helping patients to regain mobility. The length of the rehabilitation period will vary depending on the severity and degree of the trauma sustained. Age and pre-existing medical conditions of the accident victim are other factors that impact the amount of rehabilitation that is required.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The process of receiving medical attention for hip injuries is of utmost importance, but at the same time, enlisting the aid of legal experts to look after your compensation needs is also a  necessary course of action to follow up with. Seeking monetary reimbursement for medical and drug treatments along with subsequent therapies needed to regain mobility and daily functioning can be a daunting task to attend to, on top of having to concentrate on the healing process.

Meanwhile, financial pressures continue to mount from these costs and from the loss of income in having to take time off from work to recuperate or even in the cessation of a person’s livelihood involving more serious cases of trauma. Legal experts specializing in slips and falls can greatly assist in helping to secure maximum compensation for third-party liability insurance claims by providing expert representation for injured persons when filing accident reports and proceeding with negligence lawsuits, in the event a settlement cannot be reached. By contacting a slip and fall attorney in Houston, these steps will be taken care of in an efficient and professional manner, even for cases that occur in other cities or states.

File an Accident Insurance Claim

Filing an accident report and making a personal injury insurance claim right away are important first steps to take in obtaining a monetary settlement for an accident. Slip and fall attorneys can assist with the paperwork and investigation process to determine liability by arranging for the collection of evidence from the accident site and soliciting testimonies from witnesses present at the time of the accident. They also have an extensive network of experts in other fields that they can call upon to gather information from, in order to provide additional support for a case.

Hiring an attorney specializing in slips and falls is also the best option to deal with the liable party’s insurance companies and lawyers because they will try to disprove your claims at all costs. Lawyers also have extensive knowledge about limitations, exclusions, and time-sensitive actions that must be taken into account in order to obtain the maximum amount an insurance claim will payout.

Initiate a Lawsuit

In the event that an unsatisfactory agreement for compensation is reached, accident claimants have the option to file a lawsuit to sue for damages by sending out a demand letter. A slip and fall attorney can facilitate the process of going to trial and obtain a positive verdict, thus increasing the chances of receiving a more substantial settlement amount.

Taking all the necessary procedures after an accident involving a hip injury is crucial from a medical and financial standpoint. Acquiring assistance from a slip-and-fall lawyer can put your mind at ease. Knowing that an expert is there to help you navigate through all the stages involved in obtaining compensation from your traumatic ordeal can help you concentrate on healing and resuming daily activities again.

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