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MS Office Employee Training Programs: How To Get The Best Learning?

Today every business is on a digital platform, and all the business data are stored in digital storage devices and viewed on the MS Word platform. Hence, it has become necessary that all the employees working in the organization have a clear understanding of MS Word.

In fact, employees in most organizations are expected to analyze data in excel and create PowerPoint presentations or reports. Thus, even though Word is one of the most important programs used by the organization, hardly any employee is trained to bring out the full potential of MS Word.

Training your employees in the art of MS Word can be a lucrative avenue for the organization to boost their productivity. But, unfortunately, although it is one of the best avenues to work on and train employees, it is one of the most difficult things to do.

Training employees for MS Word can be challenging as they have never been trained and used it without any issue. The tricky part is that every individual has found their own way of using MS Word. Training them means breaking their way and implementing the new way.

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How To Build An Effective Employee Training program?

Any transformation in the way people work requires training, even if we are talking about a software program as simple as MS Word.

Here are the training programs that will guide you towards an affecting training program for the employees.

1. Mandarine Academy

Mandarine Academy is known for its numerous Microsoft 265 training courses. It also includes Microsoft Word. The Courses at the Mandarine Academy are divided into three free courses.

  • Remorse e-learning.
  • Training session.
  • Interactive live e-learning.

These three layers of the courses ensure that your employee gets a better learning experience.

2. Udemy

It is another great platform with more than 150,000 online courses on any topic you can imagine. They have all the courses in the form of videos which really help the employees learn at their own pace. For your MS Word training plan, you can choose the mastering Office 365. This course trains the employees to utilize MS Word in the best possible ways.

3. LinkedIn Learning

We all know LinkedIn is an industrial platform occupied by industrial professionals. This makes LinkedIn a great learning platform. Needless to say, they also offer training courses to learn the path of Microsoft. However, to access the courses, you first need to subscribe to LinkedIn Learning.

4. Knowledge Wave

Knowledge wave is the perfect enterprise learning level platform for users who are looking to learn Microsoft Word. This platform offers on-demand videos, live online classes and coaches the people on the best practices.

5. LMS365

LMS365 is a digital tool for in-company training. It is a learning platform that is solely created to train people on MS Word. In addition, it offers an engaging experience, allowing tracking of your learning progress. Finally, after completion of the training courses, you also receive a certificate.

Which One Should You Choose?

While you are looking at the options available to you, you must consider every aspect of the training program. For instance:

  • How knowledgeable are your employees?
  • What is your training budget?
  • What is the cultural environment of your organization?

Taking these factors into consideration, you might need more than one training program. For example, there might be an employee who has zero knowledge of MS Word. For that, you need a beginner’s guide.

Then, there are employees who know how to use MS Word but are not used to its full capacity. Therefore, they would need a different training program.

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