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Searching for the Best of the Pest? 7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Pest Control Provider

Homeowners, apartment dwellers, and business owners don’t typically consider pest control until they see creepy-crawly things in their homes and offices. As soon as you see unwanted bugs and rodents, time is of the essence, as pests can cause significant damage and spread awful diseases.

In your rush to bug bomb your home or office, you might pick the first pest control company you see. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong pest control company can make your infestation look like small potatoes in comparison. Rather than choosing just any pest control company, people needing effective and affordable pest control should ask a few crucial questions before handing over the keys.

Are your exterminators insured?

The best pest control companies have licensed and certified employees with proper insurance and bonding, like GreenHow, a provider of pest control services in Boston, MA. You can ask to see a provider’s license and insurance to verify that you choose the best people for the job.

How much experience do your employees have?

Pest control businesses with significant experience know how to handle most pest control situations. When a company prides itself on its team of experienced employees, you can rest assured that customer service will be prioritized accordingly. High turnover at any business shows that something isn’t quite right, and you should tread warily.

Where can I find honest reviews about your company?

A respected pest control company should have various online reviews at review websites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp. The company should also have written recommendation reviews from happy customers. You don’t want to end up as everyone else’s guinea pig by going with an unreviewed business, so do your research.

Do you offer guarantees on your services?

This answer should be yes. Sometimes, the first treatment doesn’t work, so a pest control services Singapore would come back to apply another treatment. The last thing you want is to pay through the nose just to go back to a pest-filled home anyway.

Are your pest control treatments safe for pets?

Since pest control companies use different chemicals to exterminate rodents and pests, they should give each customer a handout with the products and ingredients. Often, the chemical sheets describe dangers to humans and pets. Read these sheets and ask more questions if you need to, added Nicholas C Nelsonthe president of Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization—considered one of the most reliable pest control companies in Florida. In his leadership role, Mr. Nelson seeks to keep customer needs at the forefront of his business model and engages the latest technologies in pest control and prevention. Mr. Nelson uses sustainable methods and is considered foundational in setting industry standards.

Many pest control companies are turning to more eco-friendly treatments that are safer for common pets like dogs and cats. If you have exotic pets, like snakes or iguanas, you might want to consult your pest control company and your vet before giving the A-OK.

Can we stay home while you apply the treatment?

For some pest control treatments, you might have to leave your home. The top pest control companies should tell you in advance if you have to leave and for how long. Ask if your pets can stay home or if they should leave with you. You should also ask how the treatment affects carpet, drapes, and furniture, so you’ll know in advance if you need to cover them.

Where is the center of the infestation?

Before attempting to exterminate pests from your home, the pest control company should be able to show you where the infestation is and how the pests entered your home. It’s not enough to simply kill them – the company needs to prevent more pests from entering your home to have fully done their job.

Wrap up

When you take time to question your potential pest control company, you find the company that does the job effectively the first time. You also know that you support a reputable company that values its employees, customers, and community. Ask plenty of questions to avoid getting bugged twice.

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