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Carpet And Furniture Wash With Älvis Städ AB

Älvis Städ AB offers professional carpet and furniture washing to help you get rid of any stains.

We have all sorts of machines to make sure your message is tailored just for you.

Carpet Cleaning

Stains on carpets are not uncommon, wildly when you spill something, that causes the carpet to become stained. But don’t worry! Älvis Städ AB will help remove these harmful substances for an affordable price and excellent service.

Vi tar med oss all utrustning som behövs för att genomföra matt och möbeltvätten och kan utföra uppdraget på plats i din bostad eller i våra lokaler.

Sometimes, the best decisions are made quickly. We know that going in with your carpet and trying to get rid of stains can be both time-consuming as well heavy-duty work, but it doesn’t have to! Our professional machine will come out for you, so all one needs now is some laundry detergent, and voila! Everything should become much more accessible from here on out.

Furniture Washing

Thankfully, we can help you get rid of spills on sofas and other furniture. Please drop by our store for professional cleanup services.

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We’re the professional team to call for all your rug, carpet, and sofa cleaning needs. From regular maintenance programs that keep fabrics fresh and clean through daily vacuuming sessions or deep cleans when it is time to give them their best chance of staying beautiful beyond what you would expect from most household chores!

We also specialize in removing stains such as blood (we’ve never had anyone request this) wine/drinks primarily because these liquids ontologies well with many techniques used thus far. However, there’s always room for improvement, so feel free to let us know if something else interests you – we’ll get back ASAP.

When the appearance of your carpets and textiles degrade, it’s time for a deep clean. A good vacuuming will remove dirt from between their fibers and kill all types of bacteria that could establishments on these surfaces, making them healthier to live with as well!

How do carpet and furniture washing work?

Once the carpets are clean and dry, our expert team of professionals will shampoo them to eliminate any stains that may have been missed before. This includes using a powerful vacuum machine followed by gentle vacuuming not to damage surface areas or underlying fibers.

We know how important it is for your home’s décor statement!

Carpet washing is an excellent investment for your home. Not only can it make the rooms in question smell better, but also cleanse them from dirt and germs that could be harmful to anyone who comes into contact with them! With prices so reasonable, too – you won’t have any trouble finding someone willing enough to take on this task at an affordable cost per hour or whatever amount of time was set as agreed upon between parties involved.


We offer deep cleaning services that will keep your carpets clean and healthy for years to come.

We help you save time to have peace of mind that your environment is cleaner and healthier.

Home Visit

Your furniture is cleaned with a particular machine that washes and dries in one step, making it easy for you. No need to prepare or worry about anything!

Best Rating

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. We always work hard to ensure the customer has 100% trust in their decision, and we don’t leave until each job meets this standard, no matter how big or small it may seem at first glance!

We hope these few words give an insight into what makes us so unique and why your satisfaction matters more than anything else ever could – because when people feel good about themselves- they’re much easier going through life.

We Can Textile Care

We’re not just about making your carpets look good; we also want to make sure they stay that way for years. That’s why our experts take care of every detail – from pre-cleaning an area before surgery begins using state-of-the-art equipment during cleanings. Hence, as minor damage occurs, stitching by the tedious inch (or foot) and storing furniture properly after a complete cleaning.

It’s essential to have your carpets and furniture cleaned regularly. If you don’t, they may start taking on dirt, making them smell worse over time or even cause structural damage!

You should always use a gentle detergent when cleaning any surface so as not to scratch its finish – this includes both carpeted areas, of course; spot clean what looks like beforehand, then give it another thorough vacuuming afterward if necessary (razzing!).

Hand washing might be an option worth considering for those who want their machines working hard while doing nothing more than filling up space in front yards all day long.

You will find companies that can help you with carpet washing and choose the closest, cheapest, or has received good reviews. Which company to hire for your carpets’ cleaning is entirely up to you.

Boka professionell matt och möbeltvätt med Älvis Städ AB. Vi är en kvalificerad städfirma via SRY, och erbjuder alltid fast pris och garanti.

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