What you need to know about cryptocurrency trading for beginners


What is crypto trading?  Trading cryptocurrency is the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements through contract for difference accounts (CFD) or buying and selling underlying coins on an exchange using a contract for difference trading account. Essentially, a CFD is a derivative that allows you to bet on Bitcoin …

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Best Brokers in South Africa Detailed Review

Best Brokers in South Africa

Trading Forex is a way of buying and selling currencies in order to make a profit. This is done by first borrowing or selling the currency, then buying it back at a later date. Trading currencies is a quick way to make a return on investment, but it also has …

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Best Online Trading Platform: A Complete Guide

Best Online Trading Platform

Online Trading can be a difficult process to navigate, but it’s also an important one. Every day, trading keeps companies in business and consumers satisfied. However, not every trading platform is an appropriate match for every trader. This guide will help you find the perfect trading platform for your needs. …

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BitQH App Review 2022

Forex trading

BitQH App is a platform for cutting edge in which the system that is best for the users to understand things properly or in a perfect manner. Something about BitQH BitQH is an app for a trading platform to use by the users. Basically it is cutting edge platform in …

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