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Charles Emmet Harris Discusses what to do Following An Auto Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, there is a good chance you aren’t sure about what you need to do. You can get help from a personal injury attorney with decades of experience. The tips below are going to help you know what to do after being in a car accident. There will always be car accidents as long as there are careless, reckless, and inattentive drives, drunk drivers and drivers not observing traffic rules. Car accidents happen at an alarming frequency in the US.

It is frustrating and difficult to cope with a car accident even if there are no injuries. Charles Emmett Harris IV has a lot of experience in this area of law, and below are suggestions we have compiled that are going to help you after being in a crash. After the crash, it can be hard to focus on but what you do is going to have a big impact on your case. It is going to affect your compensation to pay for medical expenses, damages, and lost wages.

Take These Actions after a Car Crash

According to Charles Emmet Harris, seeking immediate medical help is a must. The first and most important is making sure you and your passengers are okay. If possible, check out the driver and occupants of the other car. If no one is visibly hurt, call 911. Some injuries might not be visible that can come up days or even weeks after the crash. If an ambulance is needed, make sure you notice everything around you, like how many people are in the car, the other car’s license plate, and any witnesses around.

If there is no one hurt, make sure you get out of traffic. There are cases of people getting injured after an accident because other cars did not see the stopped cars.

Try to look for important details about the crash. Make sure you note down the other car’s license plate if the driver decides to flee the scene. Look for broken glass, skid marks, car parts, etc. These are going to be important because they are evidence. If possible, take photos of the accident scene.

Exchanging information with the other driver but do not discuss anything about the accident. Make sure you get the information of the drivers involved. This will include their names, phone numbers, address, their agent, insurance company, and policy number according to Charles Emmet Harris.

Contact information of witnesses and any passengers. Get their names, phone numbers, and address. See if there were any bystanders around. If there is someone who saw the accident, it is going to help with the case because their testimony will help when the parties disagree on what happened.

Talking with the police officer. It is important to provide the police officer with all the details and information about the accident. You shouldn’t indicate that you are at fault, even if you believe that. You might find out you were not responsible when the investigation is done.

Taking photos of the scene using your phone or camera. Take photos of everything you can: damage to all vehicles, the scene, relevant road signs, the road or intersection, the people in the other vehicles, road conditions, and other things that you think can help with the case.

You need to note down everything you remember of the car crash. You might decide not to do this because you think you are going to remember every detail, but cases take up to months before they are solved. It might be difficult to recall the details.

Getting a copy of the accident report from the police. There will be a report of the accident if the police get to the scene. Make sure you get a copy and go through it to make sure there aren’t any omission of facts or errors. If you choose to hire an attorney to help you with this case, he/she will get it on your behalf. You can get the report from the police department that made the report.

Talking to an auto accident lawyer in your area. Take advantage of their free consultation to know what course of action you can take. You will get legal advice and help when you choose to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer.

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