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Choosing the Best Decanter, A Guide to Buying Decanters

Finding the right decanter doesn’t have to be a stressful task! PresigeHaus takes the responsibility of finding the best decanter seriously and we want to make your search as easy and insightful as possible.

In this decanter buying guide, you will find the basic facts, types, and overall breakdown to help find the best decanter.

 The Basics

Decanters have been used throughout history. From clay pots of wine to today’s lead-free glass blown into intricate designs, decanters have been used to ensure the precision of the craft is served at the highest quality.

Decanters are used to enhance the taste of the liquid poured into them, bringing all the flavors and notes of the drink out for tasting. Not only can they increase the taste of a drink, they also bring a virtue of beauty to a room with breathtaking designs of glass.

The most important aspects when looking for a decanter is the seal of the cork and the amount of surface area. The seal provides the safe keeping of the liquid while the surface area is what allows oxygen to penetrate the liquid. Having a larger surface area is what makes the wine separate from the sediments that are sometimes left over during the creation of the product.

Ensure that you clean your decanter after every use! Hand washing it with lukewarm water after a short soak with cleaning powder will ensure that your next batch of drinks will be just as perfect as the last. Our cleaning kit has everything you need to clean!

 Decanters and Carafes and Stoppers, Oh My!

Both decanters and carafes are used to enhance the taste of the alcohol as well as establish an aesthetic appeal. The main difference between the two is the use of a stopper.

The stopper in a decanter is used to create a vessel fit for long time storage and the higher grade the stopper is, the longer the liquid can be stored safely inside. Having an airtight seal is the key to a good decanter.

Carafes are used mostly for wines and other drinks that thrive with aeration, as they do not utilize a cork. Dark red wines are best when enjoyed the same day the bottle is opened. The flavors and accents are brought out by the oxygen flowing around the liquid when using a carafe. When using a carafe, the alcohol should be served in a short time period to avoid evaporation and spoilage.

Decanters can be used to aerate drinks, as well. Simply take the cork out and they serve the same purpose. So if you are in-between on deciding which one to buy, stick with a decanter since it can serve a dual-purpose.

 The Best Decanter based on the Type of Alcohol


Whiskey doesn’t need to be aerated, so choosing a decanter with an airtight seal and lead-free glass is the best choice! Due to being a longer kept liquid, whiskey decanters should be focused on showing the color of the drink and keeping it sealed.

Choosing a gorgeous decanter that draws guest’s attention and showcases the liquids colors, is the best choice. Check out our ship inside a bottle decanter for a perfect centerpiece or gift!


Much like whiskey, vodka does not require aeration to bring out the unique notes and flavors. Putting vodka, a clear liquid, into a decanter is the perfect way to show the full details and hand-blown glasswork to viewers.

Having a stopper will also prevent your drink from going bad due to poor quality bottles and lids.


Exposing rum to oxygen allows the hot flavors of the drink to mellow out and allow the more natural taste.

It is extremely important for rum to be stored correctly. If it is not, the taste and the color will both fade from the drink. Ensure an airtight stopper is used to preserve the rum when not allowing it to aerate or when serving.


Tequila is known for its sharp and quick bite when drank, hence why most people take it as a shot. Yet when a good tequila is treated right, it can be something that is sipped and enjoyed thoroughly. Decanting tequila will make even some lower shelf bottles taste better and will create an amazing experience for higher price brands.


It is common to allow wine to breathe when the bottle is first opened as this allows the aromas of the drink to be experienced in a higher depth. Dark red wine is best when allowed to aerate for 15-30 minutes then served to allow the wine to be experienced in it’s best state. Leaving the wine out longer than a day will cause the taste to degrade as well as the overall quality of the wine to decrease.

Wine can sometimes have sediment within it, a decanter with a larger surface area allows the sediment to be separated and left out of the glass when drinking.

 Bringing it all together

The beauty and use of a decanter is worth the investment. Decanting liquids expands the flavors and aromas, stores liquor safety, and is a beautiful piece of artwork you can use for years.

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