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Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Home: Highlight The Flooring

Quality rugs are the focal point of your home interior. For different interior settings either it is contemporary or traditional, you will get every kind of rug or carpets in the market. The foremost thing everyone looks while buying rugs is appearance but there is something more that everyone must consider before buying a rug. Apart from the splendor, we must consider the quality and its aptness for the house. Though a rug will make your room look cozier and comfortable, if not bought after looking at some factors it may tail off the magnificence of your room. Numerous factors combining decide how your home space is going to look. ‘Furnish My Place’ brings to you a wide selection of designer rugs to blend with the home interior settings. We will discuss some essential points that will help you to beautify home.

Know Your Room Size

The first and the foremost thing you should know before buying a rug is the size of your room. The furniture and the open space of your room will decide what size of rug you would need. You may consider small rugs to place in the middle section of the room or just a larger one to cover the larger area. It depends on your furniture settings and how you want to place the rug but knowing the room size in both the ways is quite important.

Interior Settings of Your Space

Choosing the right rug depends on the interior settings of your space. Apart from the quality and look, consider if it blends well with the room interior or not. For traditional interior settings, you may choose the designer rugs from ‘Furnish My Place’ that are made of traditional colors and borders. Plain or sober rugs are always a good choice for contemporary settings. Before going to market or buying it online, consider what type of design you want.

The shape of the Rug

The shape and the utility of the space tell the shape of the rug you may need. Usually, for rectangular or square rooms it is suitable to buy rectangular or square-shaped rugs respectively. For rectangular rooms, try placing the longer side of the rug parallel to the longest side of the room. For entryways, hallways, dining rooms, or family rooms, it is ideal to use curved rugs or circular rug depending on the settings of your place.

Type of the Rug You May Consider

In the market, you will surely find several rugs and will not be able to differentiate them apart from the design. There are majorly four types of rugs that are available in the market and they all have some pros over others. Easy to produce Tufted rugs are high in demand and can be replaced easily. The ‘Knotted Rugs’ are either made by hands or machines; handmade knotted rugs are more durable when taken care of properly. The other two types, Woven Rugs, and Embroidered Rugs are the oldest types that make them unique. You can consider any of them to highlight the flooring of your home. There are rugs used at indoor and outdoor spaces, these indoor and outdoor rugs are UV-resistant and are easily available on ‘Furnish My Place’ online wholesale rugs portal.

To make the rug shopping convenient and worthy, Furnish My Place offers a variety of rugs for your traditional as well as contemporary decor themes. Made of the finest material with various designs, we provide you with an option to choose from a range of rugs to uplift the aesthetics of your home. To deliver the highest customer satisfaction, we ship single pieces as well as a bunch of rugs at your doorstep.

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