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Choosing the Right Kind of MacBook Air chargers

MacBook users frequently have the opinion that MacBook air chargers do not last for as long as MacBook air does. One of the reasons for the same is that MacBook is taken special care of.

MacBook is expensive equipment. People handle it very carefully because in the event of damage, repairing the MacBook will not be easy.

But they go easy with chargers. Similarly, since chargers have cables that are frequently rolled for storage, the damage tends to occur.

Beyond damage to cables and electronic damage, the human error also causes damage to MacBook Air chargers. Sometimes, the chargers are exposed to spills and splashes. At other times, excessive exposure to sunlight or a muddy environment damages the delicate electronic equipment.

MacBook Air chargers are not vulnerable as such. But, they are electronic equipment after all. Environmental conditions correspondingly withhold the potential to damage them.

Similarly, in human error, MacBook Air chargers are sometimes dropped. Sometimes, they slip of the table. At other times, something falls on them while they are kept on a table. Therefore, the chargers come across physical damage.

Human error is difficult to avoid when taking care of MacBook Air chargers. The degree of precaution that one takes frequently comes to be insufficient when chargers are damaged. We all have experience of the same.

Another way in which MacBook Air chargers come across damage is by being lost. They are easier to lose as compared to MacBook. MacBook is always kept on a table, or one may maintain it in a cupboard or an almirah. Sometimes, Macbooks stay at the workstation at all times.

But losing a charger is easy. Let’s suppose one is working at an alternate location while using the MacBook. When one leaves the alternate location to return to where one generally sits, one will not forget to take the MacBook. But it will be difficult to remember to take the charger with oneself.

At a later point in time, one will wonder about where one’s charger is? One will keep looking but fail to find the charger. The chances of finding the charger are not good.

Thereafter, one is likely to invest in an additional charger. When the issue is not at the back of one’s mind, it is then that one is likely to come across the old MacBook Air charger. So this way, one will have two chargers. One can use one for home and the other for the office.

MacBook chargers are of different types

There is not a single type of charger that is used for charging the MacBook. MacBooks are also of different types, such as the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Lite. So chargers used for charging them are also of different types. There are numerous types of MacBook Air chargers nowadays available in the markets. With the large variety available, there are cases wherein a buyer does not know what to buy.

MacBook Air chargers have variations in power output, connectors, versions, and shape. One has to go about choosing a charger carefully, because there may be cases wherein one selects a random charger for the MacBook but it does not charge the MacBook, because it is meant for some other version of MacBook.

Going through this article equips a buyer better to select the best-suited charger for his requirements, depending on the version of the MacBook he uses, and whether he uses MacBook Pro or MacBook Lite.

Basic Differences among MacBook chargers

When one takes a look at the different types of power adapters that are available for MacBook Lite and MacBook Pro, one comes to see that the Wattage is the first thing that is mentioned over them.

The wattage mentioned will be variable, and will vary in the mist of 29W and 87W. The higher the numerical value of the Wattage is, the more power your MacBook will receive.

In case one goes for an Apple MacBook Pro charger that has a higher wattage, it will deliver a dual advantage. It will charge the MacBook Pro quicker, and it will not cause damage to the device as well.

Picking up the right charger for MacBook Pro hence becomes important. The Wattage value should be equal to or more than the minimum specified requirements. If it is not, it may be possible that the MacBook does not charge at all.

Type of MacBook charger

To date, up to 2020, three versions of MacBook chargers have been released. They are MagSafe, MagSafe 2, and USB-C. Type c charger is the latest version of the MacBook charger because they have two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The shape of the connector is an important point of consideration over here. A charger that does not feature the required connectors will fail to be of any use for the particular purpose it was purchased for. A buyer will have to find an alternate use for it.

Since their release, MagSafe and USB-C have used similar connectors for all models. MagSafe was then split into T and L-shaped connectors, but each model came with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages.[ laptop waterproof sleeve]

Checking the MacBook Model is important

Before one invests in a MacBook Air charger, one should have all information about the make and model of the MacBook at hand. To start with, one should be sure about whether one uses MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. The monitor’s bezel will have this information.

To see the MacBook Model, one first click on the Apple Logo in the Menu bar. Then, select ‘About This Mac’. The very first line will display the relevant information that one requires, for selecting the right charger to go with one’s MacBook, such as MacBook Pro, 15-inch, Early2018. This information will simplify the selection of the right charger for your MacBook, from among the different chargers that are available.

One should go by the specifications while choosing chargers. The latest MacBook Air model, 13-inch, 2018, and later uses a type c charger. MacBook Pros have similarly shifted to USB-C cables. For a 13-inch version, 2016 and later, you’d require a 61W type c charger. Similarly, for the 15-inch version, 2016 and later, you’d use an 87W type c charger.

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