Bouncing Back from His Dark Past, Christopher Kiblin Shares His Experience of His Bad Days

Aristotle has said, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” It’s common to see people lose faith in times of despair. They fail to get out of this pit of hopelessness, resulting in their lives being total failures. But that is not how life works. The true character of a person emerges in such difficult times, whether they sink or rise to the occasion. There are a few select individuals who tend to find their way back up to the top, and Christopher Kiblin is no exception.

Kiblin faced some of his darkest days in early 2014. He lost his home because of mortgage rates skyrocketing and having most of his production refinanced. Christopher Kiblin had overextended himself, which resulted in the loss of his property. He decided to move to Florida as a fresh start, but this decision cost him every last penny he had. He started minimum wage jobs to make his ends meet, barely. For several months he and his wife had no clue how they would afford to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table for their boys. Things were so bad that they resorted to using coupons and calculating every single penny they spent to make sure they never went off-budget.

While he was struggling to meet his day-to-day needs, Kiblin received the news of his mother being hospitalized. The sad part was that he did not have enough money to fly back to see his mother, and that helplessness was killing him inside out. Unfortunately, before he could gather sufficient funds to pay a visit to his mother, she passed away. He barely saved enough to attend his mother’s funeral. Though a lot of his family was upset with him as he did not come any sooner, Kiblin was too proud to admit that he was broke and couldn’t make it before she left the mortal world. In fact, to this day, some of his family members don’t speak to him for the same reason. According to Chris Kiblin, this crushed him even more.

While he was still grieving yet struggling to make ends meet, his son, Alex, decided to move back to Maryland. This came as a huge emotional setback for Kiblin as he couldn’t afford to visit him on a regular basis and obviously couldn’t fly Alex back and forth due to his financial situation at the time. Truth be told, this became one of the lowest points in his life, disrupting his relationship with his wife to a certain extent as well.

It was then – in 2018, to be precise – that Kiblin decided he had had enough and that he needed to do something to get back on his feet. So, he returned to his mortgage business, although the situation was still challenging. For the first two years after reinitiating his career in the mortgage business, it was awfully hard for him, and he felt like he was right back to where he started in 2014. Nonetheless, it was better than the minimum wage jobs he had occupied since moving to Florida.

Christopher Kiblin was determined to make the mortgage gig work as this was his only hope. He couldn’t just give up his work and go back to small-time jobs that hampered his family life and professionally led him nowhere. With his earnings being mostly commission-based, Kiblin wouldn’t be paid a single dime if he was unable to close mortgages. In order to get out of this mess, he devised a plan and decided to change the sticky situation for the best. With consistent hard work and determination, Kiblin soon became one of the top loan officers in the country. His persistence to achieve more earned him the exact results he expected, and just like that, he became an inspirational figure for all those struggling with their demons.

You may have heard the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.” It is true to an extent, but there is no one can deny the fact that money can make life better. It is essentially the building block of everything, and where it might not buy you happiness, it can sure put you in a place to make lives easier for the ones you love. That, in our opinion, is true happiness.

Nowadays, people come up to Christopher Kiblin and ask about the secret to his success. He offers everyone to read his inspirational book, “Own Your Day: 30 Days to Greatness,” a guide to fixing your life and getting right back on track. He has dotted down each and every step of his journey so people can take help and learn to make their lives better. If you are going through a rough patch, check out his book and read about his life without wasting further time. We are confident that his success story will change your life for the better.

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