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Moving Ahead to Achieve Something Big, US Adventurer Lesley Carter’s Son Visits His 8th Country at The Age of Two

Thousands of memories, experiences, and stories await those who step out of their house with a travel bag and confidence to face some challenges, accept new friendships and be close to the reality of this world. Those who travel understand the true meaning of freedom. US adventurer Lesley Carter thought to do something crazy. With the support of her fantastic husband, Cord Smith, she embarked on a journey full of surprises. In a short time, her dream of making her son the youngest child to visit all seven continents is now becoming a reality.

Lesley Carter’s son Maxwell Smith was born on 13th April 2020. Being a part of a brave and exploring family, he started his journey around the world from the day he was born. Lesley aims to make Max the youngest child to travel to all seven continents. With the support of his family, young Max aims to travel all over the world. At just the age of 2, Max has already visited two continents, eight countries, and fifteen states.

Lesley Carter and her husband live in Texas and started Max’s adventure around the world with their home country, the United States of America. The couple started their mission, making Max the youngest child to visit every continent. They started their journey by exploring North America. The couple took Max to the different states of America and helped him explore many adventure parks. They visited animal and themed parks in Kansas and Oklahoma, resorts in Phoenix and Memphis, the sand dunes in New Mexico, the ski slopes of Colorado, the beaches in Florida, the vibrant streets of New Orleans, the city of Chicago, and watched the sunset in San Antonio.

Lesley Carter is a Canadian-born. She wanted her baby boy to visit and explore the neighborhood she grew up. She took Max to Canada and showed him the beautiful country of the great north. They saw Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a wondrous natural playground.

Their adventure soon took them to the beautiful country of Mexico, where they had a blast staying at the fantastic resort, Hard Rock Riviera Maya. The couple, along with their toddler son, also explored other countries of North America like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

The goal is to make Max the youngest traveler to visit all seven continents, but they want to experience as many countries as possible along the way. As Max was heading towards his second birthday, they wanted to travel someplace completely different. They took a 16 hour-long flight from Taxes to Dubai with Emirates. Dubai is known for its luxurious life, and it is a secure place with mixed cultures. In Dubai, you can find food from worldwide. Lesley decided to visit Dubai and make Asia Max’s second continent.

Dubai is filled with great opportunities for tourists and was always on Lesley’s bucket list. She found Dubai as great as she imagined. They visited the world-renowned resort, Atlantis and went to explore an authentic Arabic experience with Arabian Adventures. Dubai was one of the most beautiful places to see.

After crossing Asia from their checklist, Lesley’s focus is on the remaining five continents. Lesley has summer trips booked that include Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Being a traveler, blogger, and mother, she combined her experiences into a format that could reach out to millions. “Bucket List Publications,” is not just a traveling guide by Lesley Carter, it has her authentic traveling experience with a pre-teen girl and a toddler. It showcases all the perfect spots, tips, and adventures you can embark on as a woman, couple, and mother. It is a one-stop platform for all your traveling queries.

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