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Chrome Vs Stainless Steel Vs Nickel: Which Material Is Better For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to just remodel your kitchen entirely or looking to put some finishing touches, finding the perfect kitchen cabinet can be a difficult task. Kitchen cabinets are made up of multiple types of materials, out of which the popular ones are – nickel, chrome and stainless steel. Each material has its uniqueness and advantages that you can enjoy, and they work in both contemporary as well as classic kitchen designs.

But, the real question is – which is the best material for your use case scenario? Well, we are about to find out – with the help of kitchen design in Newcastle services.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is all about the perfect combination of durability along with being perfectly stylish to be used inside kitchens. Stainless steel can easily resist corrosion over time and is also scratch & tarnish resistant. Stainless steel is mainly made up of an alloy containing iron & carbon along with chromium and/or nickel. This means that the material will be easy to care for and will look sleek most of the time.

Stainless steel is mostly used in contemporary kitchen settings, but you can use it inside classic or traditional kitchen settings as well.


Nickel is a highly versatile material and you can find numerous kitchen cabinets in the market to be made out of the same material. There are quite a few different tones and finishes that you can obtain with a nickel-made kitchen cabinet, unlike stainless steel ones. Nickel-made hardware generally comes with a satin or high-gloss finish that looks antique. Nickel as a material is highly preferred by most homeowners out there, generally for its warmer silver tones. You can also find nickel in textural and darker designs – making the overall options limitless to choose from.

In case you do get nickel-made kitchen cabinets, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • You need to frequently wipe down and clean your cabinets to prevent any damage or discolouration – especially grease, foods and oils.
  • Even though nickel can resist wear and corrosion, it can still get tarnished and dull over time.


Due to its bright and shiny appearance, chrome easily stands out among the rest with its retro-like appeal. Standard kitchen cabinets that are made of chrome offer a polished surface which not only shines brightly but also reflects a considerable amount of light. It should be realised that if you can maintain your chrome kitchen cabinet well, you can expect it to be rust-resistant over time.

Things to note about chrome kitchen cabinets:

  • Chrome will appear dull when damaged.
  • It can reveal scratches and fingerprints easily.
  • Chrome coating can flake or peel off over time.

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