Coliving Is a Format of Shared Rent You May Like

Coliving is a modern dormitory with discussed nuances, coworking, and housing under one roof. Most often it is inhabited by a group of young people, not related to each other, but close in spirit. They live, communicate, have fun, work, and develop in one place – in coliving. It is an option you can use in New York coliving or anywhere in the world.

Varieties of Colivings

Several online resources on the Internet will help you find a suitable coliving space according to the requested criteria. Cohousing is conventionally divided by the following factors:

  • Location – in the central areas of the city, suburbs of megacities, residential complexes, and converted industrial buildings.
  • Calculation of the cost of the rent – depending on the price, in addition to the rent, the price may include utilities, furniture, and appliances to choose from, bedding and toiletries, and gym or pool services. And the order of payment is for a week and a month, much less often – a day.
  • Dimensions – one is easier to adapt for 10-15 people, and the other – for 50 or more.
  • Specialization – some colivings accept only programmers and developers, others are happy for any resident.

Often these factors intersect in the coliving spaces. It is necessary to clarify the conditions in advance and set priorities when choosing a place.

How to Arrange Coliving?

A place to live, work and socialize is arranged in different types of real estate. These can be converted to non-residential buildings, floors in high-rise buildings, mansions in suburban or rural areas, and multi-level or large apartments. Each resident rents one room, less often one for two with clear zoning. As a rule, this is small housing, but well-thought-out and comfortable.

The room has been renovated, there is the necessary furniture and appliances – some coliving even allow you to choose the color and shape of the sofa or brand of the electric kettle.

Other rooms in the coliving – public. These include dining rooms, kitchens, a gym, laundry, and a workspace. Bathrooms are both shared and individual.

Employees are engaged in cleaning the premises. They are trying to maintain their status and interest among residents. Therefore, there are recreation areas (tables for table tennis or football, game consoles, books). Also, various actions are carried out: reports, lectures, conferences, holidays, and volunteer projects.

Who Can Rent a Coliving?

Colivings have developed as a comfortable environment for young employees seeking self-development and knowledge. This format is more suitable for single people but will be interesting for couples.

When choosing a coliving, pay attention to the proposed conditions and their flexibility, location, and surrounding infrastructure. Read the contract carefully – there should be no hidden fees or costs. And read the rules of the community in advance – there may be ambiguous wording.

The number of coliving spaces continues to grow. Everyone promotes their concept. Some focus on convenience, others on the distance from the bustling city, and still others on the implementation of joint projects. And in the coming years, coliving centers will appear more often in the residential world real estate market.

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