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Commercial Inspector Vs Building Inspector – Know The Differences

A regular homeowner might think there are no differences between a building inspector and a commercial inspector, but in reality, there are indeed quite a lot of differences between them.

Therefore, to assist you in knowing the same, in this guide we’ll be discussing some of the most popular differences you can find between a building inspector and a commercial inspector.

The Traits Of Being A Commercial Inspector

While the requirements might differ from one country to another or one state to another, generally commercial inspectors are directed to undertake at least a 120-hour course along with an exam to be able to start working. Apart from that, there are not many requirements to fulfil across the entire profession.

Such loosely integrated requirements make it easy for commercial inspectors to easily define the parameters of their job, in case they desire so. Moreover, home inspection in Castle Rock CO services points out that changing clients is also easy for a commercial inspector compared to a building inspector.

You should know that commercial inspectors can either be in-depth or superficial. This is because some commercial space owners just pay the inspector for his or her signature, while others proceed to perform a true inspection process via the commercial inspector.

The Traits Of Being A Building Inspector

Unlike commercial inspectors who tend to either work for private companies or for themselves exclusively, building inspectors are usually employed by towns & cities. Furthermore, they have certain codes, rules and regulations that they need to pertain to.

The job of a building inspector is much more monumental because the rule books can sometimes go up to hundreds of pages, which is indeed difficult to understand and memorise for the inspector. Moreover, it should be known that these code or rule books change every year, which means that the inspector always have to remain himself or herself updated with the latest alterations.

Such is the reason why – people who already have prior experience as an architect, engineer or in similar professions – have an easy time when being a building inspector.

Apart from knowing all the different rules & codes, the building inspector should also ensure that the construction company is properly adhering to the zonal contract and ordinances. Any new building that is being constructed must pass an inspection by the building inspector. Only after that, the occupancy permit will be issued to the building.

This is because, the new buildings will have to follow certain requirements related to the wall insulation, building framing, drywall installations and so on.

Thus, there’s no doubt that commercial inspectors tend to have an easier time than building inspectors. Building inspectors are mostly full-time employees (sometimes even employees of the state of government), while on the other hand commercial inspectors are often their own bosses.

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