Common Plumbing Myths

Like legends, not all tall-tales plumbing stories are true and well-known. Education is the best protection against plumbing concerns, whether big or small. Also, knowing the truth is a protective way. Moreover, hiring an expert plumbing service is helpful in beating common plumbing myths. 

It’s okay to use over-the-counter drain cleaners.

This is one of the popular and damaging myths in the plumbing field. Yes, it can clean clogged drains. But, the issue is that they can’t say the difference between a clog and the pipe itself.  

Over-the-counter cleaners will make the walls of your pipes thin, and could even get corroded until the pipes break. If you have unsettled clogs, it is best to invest in more cost-effective professional drain cleaning.

If a pipe freezes, it is always going to burst.

Frozen pipes are not the usual problems, which indicate they are not specifically well understood. It also indicates they probably quite feared it. When the pipes freeze, they usually think that they will eventually burst.

Luckily, it is not always the situation. Since the pipes freeze, it does not usually mean they will burst. To save a frozen pipe, apply heat using a device like a blow dryer. Thawing out your frozen pipes can prevent them from bursting. 

It’s okay to splash hot grease down your sink.

Hot liquid grease never stays liquid. When it cools, it becomes solid and creates a sticky mess. When you pour grease down the sink, it cools and sticks to the walls of your pipes. The more grease you pour down, the messier build-up in your pipes. Then, it will be tough to clear away. Rather than pouring grease, dispose of the grease. Let it cool and scrape it away. Your plumbing system will thank you.

A small leak is not worth repairing.

Small leaks are where big problems begin. Not only do they increase your water bills, but they also grow over the years. If you do not fix a small leak, it possibly will not remain a small leak for long. Fixing leaks early and fast is always the right measure, no matter how big or small they look.

I can handle all my plumbing repairs.

DIY plumbing repairs increase problems instead of fixing them. Do not take any complicated plumbing repair, unless you are sure about it. Plumbing mistakes are easy to make, and they can give big negative outcomes. When you have plumbing issues, contact the professionals. Let them do the repairs. 

Lemons will make your disposal tidy. 

The invigorating properties of lemons are many for sure but unluckily, tidying up your disposal is not on the list. While a lemon at your disposal will help it smell clean and fresh, it will not make so much tidying up. For that, you will need mild soap and some lukewarm water. Unplug your disposal first. Once you have checked that it is no longer attached to the power supply, use mild soap and warm water to scrub the dirt and debris. 

If My Drain Is Functioning, It Is In Good Working Condition

Grime, slime, and sludge can build up in your pipes over time, so even if the water continues to drain, you could have hidden issues. Watch out for slow drains, and if you encounter any, take action fast; so you can prevent tremendous problems and a lump of money down the road. You can use some do-it-yourself fix, such as baking soda in the drain followed by hot water. A cup of vinegar can be a handful, as well. It will not only clean the drain but will also give a better odor. 

A Plunger Can Help Get Your Items Back When Flushed Unintentionally 

It is not always the case. Plungers are great equipment to have at home. They are far efficient at clearing drains by pushing the dirt through them rather than retrieving them again. If you lose something precious, you can use a wire hanger or a plumbing snake instead. If your most valuable items happen to be metal or something flashy, you can use a magnet attached at the end of the hanger. In this way, you can have a higher chance of getting them again.

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