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Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Rafi Edry Providing Equal Opportunities for Everyone Through the Ahinoam Association

The objective for forming an association is to boost activity that supports a specific group in the population. Keeping the same thing in mind, the Ahinoam Association came into existence. 

The primary focus of the association is to provide equal opportunities for everyone in the society, with more focus on specific areas. Also, the members of the association put efforts to support adults and youth to achieve this. It is the framework of the association, its vision, and its activities that make a difference.

How Did Everything Start?

Eyal Edry left his studies at the age of 17. He started working to support his family financially. His father had a contract business that ran in losses; hence Eyal had no option but to extend his support in the family business. These were the major causes due to which he left high school, did not appear for matriculation certificate, and was unable to finish schooling.

It was an experience that was housed in his memory. All the hardships that he encountered in his life became stepping stones for his success. He enrolled in paratroop patrol and became an officer. However, his determination was to reach the actual objectives of his life, which is why he became one of Israel’s most successful businessmen.

He also decided to dedicate his life to teenagers and children who are at risk of losing their education and taking a wrong turn in their lives. Together with his elder brother Rafi Edry and younger brother Moshe Edree, Eyal Edry laid the foundation of the Ahinoam Association. The organization has been named in memory of his father.

Since 2018 they have been supporting youth and children belonging to lower socioeconomic status in Israel, and the rest of the world. The commitment of the association is inspiring, as are their actions to contribute to their vision.

The Contribution of the Ahinoam Association

The objective of the Ahinoam Association is to make the youth and children living on the social and geographical boundaries of Israel stand parallel with those living in the country’s center. How is the organization aiming to achieve this? Eyal Edry and his two brothers Moshe Edree and Refael Edry have undertaken quite a few steps through the Ahinoam Association to achieve their objectives.

1. Guiding and Mentoring Youth

Having a mission in hand, the Ahinoam Association helps the youth who have zero information about welfare authorities and agencies. The program includes guidance support and individual promotion to encourage liberty in lifestyle. It is praised and recognized by social envelope factors and educational institutions.

The boys and girls need to follow a process that includes creating a self-work plan as per their skills and abilities. The program is committed to giving long-term guidance, starting from high school to graduate level, and making them job-ready. It also assists them in overcoming any hurdle on the path to success.

2. Scholarship Opportunities for Students from Weak Financial Status

The Ahinoam Association believes in investing in youth as they are the future of the country. No talent must go in vain because of lack of money; hence they provide deserving students with scholarships in their areas of interest. Children and adults receiving financial support dedicate their time to improving their skills and abilities.

3. Assisting Young Ethiopian Adults to Blend with the Israeli Community

The Association puts in efforts in bringing the youth from Ethiopia to integrate them into the Israeli society. The integration can be in private as well as public sectors. The program extends help to the youth who are around 16 years old and prepares them for inclusion in the army. Their primary focus is nurturing mental and physical abilities along with leadership qualities.

More than 90 percent of the graduates have achieved entries to the top units, and few of them have even climbed to the ranks of senior officers. Once the graduates enter the academy, they become part of a scholarship program from the association. Here they receive support and long-term assistance till they become ready for the job market.

4. Investment and Development of the Region Around Safed City

The ancestors of the Edry Family landed in Safed over twelve generations ago. The founders of the Ahinoam Association, Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry have decided to give back to their motherland. As a party to the distinctive pilot that aims to develop other surrounding areas, the association invests resources and efforts in the strenuous community and social work. They work closely with Safed’s municipal welfare agencies.

Ahinoam Association also focuses on the renovation of welfare institutions in the town for developing music education amongst the youth. Also, they are trying to build a library in the elementary school of the city. 

5. Computer Distribution to Receive Continuous Education During Covid Crisis

What was the solution for children not having computers during Covid-19? Well, it was an irony that nobody had a perfect answer. Yes, in some cases, the school donated computers, but that was not enough.

What was the outcome of all this? The kids were unable to learn accurately and began piling up gaps in their education. They were not able to stay on track with the curriculum, and it was not easy to compete with the rest of the students. There were many issues because of lagging which they realized on joining frontal studies.

Another aspect that must not get ignored; the same kids didn’t receive any attention for many days.

Online classes were something exciting for many students. But for a lot of them, it created a lot of issues as they lacked options.

If you ask Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry, they will tell you about the significant turnaround they witnessed after their computer donation program. Children left disconnected from their studies suddenly came on track with the curriculum. They were able to see their friends for some time online instead of meeting them in person, which also boosted their educational morale.

No Government Support – But Determination Led to Results

Eyal Edry requested the Director-General of the Ministry of Education to entrust the principals across the country with the budget and power to buy computers. Ahinoam will also contribute to providing computers to the less privileged in cooperation with the schools. But on the way of doing this noble deed, bureaucracy and other issues raised their heads. The Ministry of Education rejected the proposal of Eyal Edry.

All the three brothers from Ahinoam, with support from the public, were able to get thirty thousand computers for the students who could not afford them.

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