Common Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in representing people who are involved in personal injury cases in which the plaintiff’s person was a victim of an event caused by the defendant either deliberately or unintentionally through acts of negligence. 

The actions which caused this event brought about physical and psychological hurt to the victim accompanied by a drastic change in lifestyle, loss of income, social status and many more. When all these happen it can be described as personal injury. 

When one is a victim of personal injury, he is advised to seek redress in the court of law. This is because even though the victory of the plaintiff in the law court cannot exactly or heal the wounds (physical or otherwise) gotten from the injury but it can go a long way in ameliorating the pain and compensating the victim. 

It is also important that the offender is charged to court and punished if the case is proven successful as it would serve as a deterrent both to the offender and other individuals, thus playing a role in reducing the occurrence of personal injuries. 

Why You Need To Hire A Lawyer For Your Injury Case 

While you can represent yourself in a personal injury case, it is highly advised (and considered the wiser option) to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you and handle your case. Legal Specialists at The Bradley Law Firm confirm that the technicalities and nuances of cases require the involvement of a professional to be successful. 

To build a successful personal injury case, your lawyer will help you incorporate four essential elements into your case. These elements are:

  • A duty of care: 

You need to establish that the defendant had a binding legal obligation to express a certain level of care towards you the plaintiff. This can include driving with care, keeping the ground, manufacturing safe products, preventing pets from running unchecked and many more. 

  • Breach of care: 

After you have proven that the defendant had a duty of care towards you, you need to establish that the defendant within the period of the accident failed to perform his legal obligation to express care to you due to negligence.

  • Causal link: 

This element provides the plaintiff with the opportunity to prove that it is the defendant’s breach of duty that caused the personal injury to the plaintiff. At this point, the plaintiff must prove that if not for the defendant’s breach of duty or act of negligence, the accident would never have happened. 

  • Damages caused: 

This element gives the plaintiff the platform to justify the compensation he is praying the court grants. In this element, the plaintiff must prove to the court the things that he has lost due to the accident, things like his means of livelihood, opportunities, health, social status, finances and the likes.

If you can prove these elements when presenting your case at the court, your victory is certain. However proving these elements are quite difficult, especially on your own. That’s why hiring a personal injury lawyer can solve your problem. This is because hiring a lawyer has some certain benefits such as:

  • Experience: 

When you hire a lawyer, you are not just bringing a skilled man to your case, you are also bringing in a boatload of experience. Though your case is unique to you, chances are that the lawyer you hired has handled several cases similar to yours. The experience he has gathered in those cases would be an added advantage to your case as he would have a solid grasp of how your case needs to be arranged and presented for you to be victorious in court. 

  • Research: 

The work involved in getting evidence for your case and arranging them according to the elements can be confusing and hair-splitting, especially if you are not used to law terminologies and procedures. Equally daunting (if not more) is the challenge of researching past but similar cases (highly recommended in the law practice) to highlight and pick up tips that can help you win your case. Fortunately, lawyers are well trained on how to research in preparation for the presentation of cases so them handling your case would be advantageous to you. 

There are so many types of personal injury claims. However, in this day and time, they are getting increasingly harder to prove. While it is gallant to attempt to seek redress on your own, you won’t go very far without professional help. Hire a personal injury lawyer for your case and save yourself from unnecessary stress while increasing your chances of success. 

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