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3 Organizing Tips: How to Reclaim Your Garage Space Efficiently

Garages are often the epitome of places we put away items that get out of sight and out of mind. Many of what goes in it probably never get to see daylight again and chances are, you never had the time to organize its contents.

Getting your garage in shape shouldn’t be something you fear. One way to tackle it is to start in small and separate tasks—get rid of the clutter, divide what’s left into categories, and organize them in a way that the ones you use often are easily accessible. How you can sort out your garage and why you should do it in the first place are what we’ll discuss further in this article.

1.  The Benefits of an Organized Garage

Less clutter is equal to less stress. But, beyond that, having less clutter in your way can further improve safety and reduce risks of slips, trips, and falls. It also frees up space that would otherwise be occupied with junk. Well-outfitted garages can also mean a higher resale value for your property should you decide to sell it in the future.

Set out to do one task at least every weekend and invest in some bins and proper storage. You’ll be surprised that your garage has more space than it seems. You can also check out these garage shelves DIY tips for inspiration.

The result of organizing can be rewarding. What’s even better is that once you finish cleaning, it’s will only be a matter of occasional maintenance to keep things in order.

2.   How to Organize and Free up Space in Your Garage

Declutter: The first step to almost any organizing tips is to get rid of all the unnecessary items in the space. Get ready for a major clean-up with trash bags, cleaning supplies, empty boxes for donation, and plastic containers in different sizes for storage.

Sort: Most of the items in your garage will fall into the following categories: sporting equipment, tools, personal belongings, donations, and junk. Sort them accordingly and put them where they belong: trash bags, empty boxes, and empty containers. We’ll discuss further below how to organize items in each category.

Add Storage: Make the most of your garage by adding shelves and hooks, among other storage solutions. You can place items you rarely use up high and out of the way. Storage spaces at eye level or belong should be reserved for things you use often.

Limit What Goes In: While it may be tempting to store everything you want to keep out of the way in the garage, doing so will negate the reason why you’re organizing in the first place. Limit what you keep in the garage to items that support your lifestyle. These are things that you actually use and are in good working order to ensure that your garage stays clean and organized.

Reorganize Every Few Months: A garage cleanup is not a one-time affair. Sweep, wipe, dust, and declutter at least every three months or more if you enter your home through your garage. Do more than rearranging your stuff—recycle, donate, or sell what you no longer use.

3.  Divide and Conquer: Organize Your Garage per Category

Another way to tackle organizing is to divide and conquer. As said above, you can section off the items in your garage into the following categories:

Sporting Equipment – What garage isn’t filled with bikes, golf clubs, tennis rackets, ski equipment, and other sports equipment? Dedicate a space to store these items. You can also install some racks, hooks, or shelves to hold bikes, helmets, balls, golf bags, and other gear.

Tools – Over time, we tend to accumulate different tools for our DIY projects—gardening, home repairs, and everything in between. Keep a small toolbox for the tools you regularly use and keep the rest in a pegboard and hooks.

Personal Belongings – Clothes probably make up most of your belongings. Sort them into three piles: keep, sell, and donate. Take out the items you are getting rid of and place the rest in clear, labeled bins for storage. For other belongings like pictures and keepsakes, store similar items into plastic bins and label them.

Junk – Be honest about the things that qualify as junk. Old and broken furniture, toys, and electronics—all of these items have to go. If you’re having trouble letting go, just think of the space that could otherwise house some of your more important belongings.


With a little organization and the proper storage solutions, your belongings will have a proper home within your garage. Dedicated storage for your tools and accessories can also motivate you to keep clutter from accumulating in the future.

What’s your favorite garage organizing tip? Share your story with us about how you keep your garage organized by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, too!

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