Complete details about the SBI net banking!

Complete details about the SBI net banking!

SBI, or state bank of India, is one of the best Government-authorized banks, and it provides superior quality services to its clients all over India. Now, to make their client happy, SBI also introduced in the market SBI net banking service. Net banking service provides their clients lots of benefits and uses net baking customers to save their valuable time and effort both. They don’t need to visit their nearest branch for any transaction purposes or statement purposes. They don’t need to wait for long in a crow in the brunch, and it also helps them get any type of information related to their accounts within the SBI netbanking service. You can install this on your mobile, or you can open it directly using a laptop or desktop.

How to create an account for SBI net banking service?

If you want to avoid brunch visits and want to operate your SBI account through phone or laptop, you just need to open an internet banking service. The process is very simple and easy. You have to visit the online SBI site, and you will find two options: personal banking and corporate banking. Now, if you have a corporate account, then you can create an account incorporate section. But if you have a normal saving account, you have to create an account in the personal banking category or take help of financenize.

  • Now, below this category, click on the new registration option.
  • Once you click on the registration option, then a form will come
  • You need to fill up that form with proper information about your name, date of birth, location, phone number, Gmail id, etc.

But before all these, you have to visit first your nearest brunch and taken your net baking kit. Using that kit, you will be able to open your net baking account.

How to check my current account balance online?

If you want to check your current saving account balance using sbi net banking, you can check easily. Following are the steps you need to follow to check your account.

  1. You need to log in using your username and password.
  2. You will find an option to continue to login, and you have to click on that.
  3. Once you click on it, a form will open; you have to put your user name and password and put captcha word.
  4. Once you click, you will come to the home page or profile.
  5. On the home page, you will find transaction account details.
  6. Within this category, you will find account number, branch, and available balance sub-category. You just need to click on click here for the balance option, and you will find the account balance.

Within your SBI profile, you will find several categories like my account and profile, Payments and transfer Bill payment, fixed deposit, E-tax, e-services, request and inquiries, and full user links. Now, every section has some benefits.

My accounts and profile 

This section will find many subsections like account summary, account statement, login password change option, profile option, e-statement, pending statement, spend analyzer, know your cibil score, etc. So, using this section, you will be able to change your old password, or if you wish, you can check your pending statement or account summary very easily.

Payment and transfer option 

In this section, you will be able to send and receive payment from others. You can send payments within SBI or without SBI. You can add beneficiaries before sending money, or you can easily transfer money within few minutes using the quick transfer option. You will find it here within the SBI payment option or outside SBI. In this category, you can also be able to transfer funds to any NGO.

Bill payment option

This section will find different sub-sections like Manage Biller, view bill, your payment history, Top-up recharge and SBI life insurance details, etc. You can click on each sub-category to know more details.

Fixed Deposit

In this section, you can check updated news regarding fixed deposits like current interest rates and all. You can also check different subcategories like fixed deposit, recurring deposit, e-annuity deposit, close overdraft against FD, TDS inquiry, Auto sweep facility. Etc.


By using SBI online net banking, now people able to pay taxes very simply. You can check state government tax details from here. You can find here the Direct tax option, indirect tax option, and print challen anytime.


Within e-service, you will be able to get different options like ATM card service, e-cards, SMS alert service, credit card service, etc. you can click on any sub-category if you wish to know details. You can also be able to register your PAN as well.

Request an inquiry – the next step is request and inquiry. If you have any query related to SBI, its better you can register here. This site provides you all the information you need related to the account.

Using SBI net banking, you can able to track all your account. You will be able to track more than one account very easily. Even if you have a PPF account, you will get many benefits. Choose any type of banking service from SBI net baking and start using it. This app helps to save your valuable time and effort. You can also print out the latest statement from the net banking site, and you don’t need to update your passbook by visiting the nearest SBI Brunch.

SBI net baking provides their customers several benefits which you can’t ignore. This government bank always provides their customers extra benefits so that customers will be able to create more accounts or do more FD here. If you want to transfer money from one account to another account at any time, you can do it. SBI online service offers 24*7 services. So you can send payment anytime within 1-2 minutes. You don’t need to waste your time and energy transferring money. It’s a simple and easy process to transfer money, update account details or make FD anytime you wish.

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