Comprehensive summary of body changes caused by trampoline

The trampoline is almost 2 months old now for me. Yeah! It has changed my life. I would recommend to each adult and child to use a trampoline for best results in a short time. Believe me, it won’t take years to change your physical health since this exercise utilizes maximum energy within your body and let you rejuvenate each muscle. Have a look at these best trampolines for adults. Now you can take a comprehensive look at the physical changes in me caused by the trampoline.

1) Sleep: My sleep has improved significantly. I used to suffer from frequent insomnia and listlessness during the day, but now I have a noticeable fundamental improvement.

2) Energy: Thanks to exercising and improved sleep, I am now physically and mentally energetic throughout the day.

3) Heart rate: My heart often beats faster, I was afraid about it, usually >80 beats per minute, now it is <70 per minute. In this way, the physical potential is greatly improved, and I do not feel tired after a little work.

4) Weight: I lose about 5 kg weight and feel more energetic and fit. Almost all of my clothes fit me the best since it is significantly dependent on the physique.

5) Waist circumference: The belt is reduced by 4 grids.

6) Activities: In the past, 1 was because of fat and 2 because of weak waist muscles. Even bending over to pick up something was torture and test. Now it is easy. Go shopping for a few hours on the weekend without feeling tired. Don’t talk about it for a few hours before, I feel tired before I go to the mall. By the way, thanks to the insoles recommended by the TRAMPOLINE.GUIDE, this should also have a great effect.

7) Thinking and memory: I feel much mental stability than before and my memory is greatly improved. There has been a big change in the attitude of considering life plans, and I am prepared to describe in another article.

8) Concentrate: I used to doze off reading a book, but now I can take a book and read it for several hours.

9) Digestion: There is no significant change in food intake. Because I read some articles in Jiantan, I also consciously changed some eating habits. Therefore, all changes also have the effect of dietary changes. Obvious changes in stool. It has become smoother with friends. I am not smooth anymore:)). In fact, my original was too smooth, because the stool is always soft, even rotten, and now it has become a shape. I am very happy. I used to have a stool that formed once in a while I was happy, but now it’s often the case.

10) Vision: My eye-sight is also improved. I used to have high myopia and cataracts, and my vision was significantly reduced and affected. Now, my vision has improved significantly; credit goes to trampoline.

11) Hearing: This is the only thing that has not improved, but has worsened. I used to have tinnitus on one side and hearing loss for many years. The tinnitus has disappeared in the last 3 years, but my hearing has been significantly reduced, sometimes with good or bad. After jumping on the trampoline, my hearing decreased, and it was obvious that it was bad when I jumped, and then slowly improved within a few hours, and then jumped again and then became worse.

12) Spinal strength: I have no spinal problems so far, and it seems that my spine has strengthened after jumping. It turned out that there was knee joint pain, but it didn’t get worse after jumping, and there was basically no pain. Recently, I have seen articles saying that knee joint injuries are irreversible. It seems to be careful. Whether long-term jumping will hurt the knee joint, I don’t know. I hope the sports and medical experts here can give some advice.

Training tip for arms and shoulders

Another tip: if you get light dumbbells, then you can perfectly incorporate even more intensive arm exercises while jumping on the trampoline. This means that the shoulders and arms can be practically trained at the same time. Try lifting the dumbbells sideways from your body while you jump. When landing, the dumbbell is then brought down again. That goes quite well in the shoulder muscles on both sides.

Strengthening joints and bones

Many people still think that muscles are everything. However, forget that the muscles are held by the joints and bones. If you have problems here, all your muscles won’t help you. The special thing about trampoline training is the change between weightlessness and hitting the jumping mat. Because at this moment a so-called compression stimulus is triggered.

If you often have problems with knee pain while running or cycling, you should try the trampoline.

When hitting the jumping mat from the jump, a multiple of your own body weight is brought onto the musculoskeletal system. So the joints and bones. But also the muscles. This compression stimulus and the resulting pressure increase the formation of synovial fluid and strengthen the system. More synovial fluid is a tremendous advantage for maintaining the health of

  • Band washers,
  • Cartilage ligaments,

Because synovial fluid washes around it and there is a better supply of nutrients for health and regeneration.

Improvement of coordination and balance

With regular training, the trampoline exercises become more and more demanding. This improves coordination and the sense of balance. Because when jumping on the trampoline you need exactly these skills. For this reason, by the way, many professional athletes also train on the small rebounders. Especially in sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and running, the ability to coordinate and a sense of balance are crucial for success.

Trampoline training is also beneficial for sensorimotor skills. Sensorimotor skills are understood to mean the ability of humans to react very quickly to sensory stimuli with movements. Because when jumping on a trampoline you have to keep getting your body into the right position and react in the air.

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