5 Ways How You Can Make Time for Your Side Hustle

Countless individuals are always seeking different ways to increase their overall earnings.

However, going to a full-time job and then getting your daily routine tasks seeps them away from energy. They have very little motivation left to do something outside their comfort zones, and here’s what limits them of their capabilities. If you are also suffering from a similar dilemma, then here’s an article just for you. Are you struggling with managing a side hustle too? Well not anymore. Here are some time management tricks that I believe are a great way to maximize your side hustle and earn big.

If You Can’t Do It on Your Own, Outsource!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with tasks? Who so ever said that you have to do it all on your own!

You can ask other experts to help you with your work and at the same time, use automation tools for effective management. For instance, you can use task management software to manage to keep everything organized. At the same time, you can automate your social media postings using tools like Hootsuite or Co-Schedule. Outsourcing services can often cost you some money, but it’s better than nothing. Feeling bogged down with a lot of work? Outsource & automate to keep your side hustle going.

Count on the Pomodoro Technique

One of the biggest mistakes that every one of us often make is pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond. Whether it’s running a website on an affordable dedicated server or a service-based task, which we constantly do, we force ourselves to work unreasonably long hours and get exhausted.

Working hard isn’t worthwhile if you’re unable to work smart.

Take the Pomodoro approach towards working your way up the charts. Take short breaks in between long working hours. For instance, if you’ve constantly worked on something for 25 minutes, then take a short break of 5 minutes to give your mind some rest. If you have constantly worked this way for a long time, extend your break to a long one, which is up to 15 minutes. By doing so, you won’t quickly exhaust up.

Complete Tasks in Big Lumps

While multitasking is a famous concept and we all wonder if it works perfectly or not. Here’s the thing, it does not. Do you know that scientifically when you switch from a single task to another and get back to the same task again, it takes at least 5-10 minutes for your brain to rewire where you left off?

Instead of sifting through multiple tasks at the same time, lump everyday tasks & work altogether.

For example, if you have to wash the dishes and write an article, use a speech to text app and let your mind flow. By speaking and washing dishes at the same time, you can achieve both effectively.

Similarly, take advantage of commute time by reading something informative on your smart device. Or listen to relevant podcasts while taking the dog out for a walk! You don’t have to sit all day long.

Become Part of a Mastermind Group

Maybe you’re not the only one at the office with a side hustle. What if there’s another person who is always working on side hustles just like you do. It’s best that you spend time with such people and make the most out of your business. By working with people who share a similar mindset, you can push your needs to a great extent and keep going forward. We all need that extra push every once in a while, and to get that push, we can choose our mentors one at a time. Find people who have a similar mindset as you do so you can always go back to them and energize. They can become your source of motivation.

Everyone needs encouragement once in a while, and a side hustle buddy can give you just that!

Developing a “Doing Big” Attitude

What if you’re creating a website for green & clean business? If you drop the side-hustle, you might rob the person off from getting a remarkable looking website design that can win his/her audience. What if you’re tasked with writing a piece to motivate those who are low on entrepreneurial energy? If you drop the idea, you may end up taking away the chance of reviving so many others.

When completing tasks, think beyond your own need to make money.

Such an attitude is what can keep the ball rolling for you and your business prospects effectively. Think of the greater good before you give up on the idea of going out of the way to serve customers.

So there you go; here are some of the ways how you can make time for your side hustle every time you feel demotivated. The next time you find yourself not feeling like accomplishing your tasks, take a mental note. It’s not always about you; it’s also about everything else in your surroundings.

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