8 Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes Every Day

8 Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes Every Day

Though the food taste of people may vary, tomatoes are available in most parts of the world. Tomatoes are among the top ten healthiest foods. It is a fruit, though people use it as a vegetable. But not many people are aware that it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Along with minerals; beta carotene, naringenin, chlorogenic acid, and lycopene are also present in tomatoes. You can include tomatoes or any of its sub-specie in your diet for better health. In this article, you will be acquainted with interesting facts about this popular fruit. Read on for more details on the benefits of tomatoes.

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

People have been using tomatoes in different forms in their foods for centuries. Most common is to add them to daily meals while cooking to enhance the flavor, making its paste, or eating it in salads. When added to foods, it gives a special texture and increases the nutritious value of the food.

Let’s see some more health benefits of tomatoes; you might not be aware of:

1- Tomatoes And Oncology

The main advantage of tomatoes is the inhibition of the development of malignant cells and the suppression of DNA mutations. People who regularly consume tomatoes have a 45% lower risk of cancer.

Tomatoes contain adipokine, a carotenoid pigment that gives them their red color. This substance is famous for its antioxidant properties. Not many people know that our body does not produce lycopene, and we get it only from food. Therefore, tomatoes are useful if we consume them every day.

Studies show that men who love to eat tomatoes do not suffer from prostate cancer. It also saves women from cervical and breast cancer. Many researches revealed that heat-treated tomatoes are healthier than raw tomatoes. For example, there is more lycopene in a sauce, tomato paste than in the original product.

2- Tomatoes And Healthier Skin

Everyone knows that the sun provokes the development of skin problems, including malignant tumors. Experts recommend eating tomatoes in the summer season. It turns out that these vegetables increase the skin’s resistance to UV radiation.

Many studies confirmed this benefit of eating tomatoes. Tomatoes enhance the effect of sun protection products. It helps to completely block the negative radiation of the A and B spectra. Therefore, it makes our skin healthier if consumed regularly.

3- Tomatoes And Alcoholism

People whose loved ones are going through the problem of alcoholism normally get worried. They keep searching for remedies for making them better. However, they can get help from drug abuse hotlines through a phone call. Moreover, if you do not want your loved one to use any medication, you should try using tomatoes.

According to experts, tomatoes can reverse the damage caused by alcohol, especially on the liver and heart. It also helps a person during a hangover and helps to restore his/her senses. Three-four tomatoes used regularly are beneficial for patients with alcoholism.

4- Tomatoes And Obesity

Tomatoes are a useful product for weight correction – they are low in calories (24 Kcal per 100 g). Experts prescribe tomatoes for weight loss, as they expel excess fluid, cleanse the intestines, and stimulate fat burning.

It is beneficial for the ability to reduce appetite, tone up digestion since it contains a lot of fiber. If you feel hungry after eating a meal, then you should eat tomatoes more. This fruit/vegetable helps to give the feeling of satiety and makes you full.

5- Tomatoes And Our Emotions

Tomatoes help fight stress. The presence of tyramine and hydroxytryptamine as a result of digestion is converted into serotonin. These are the hormones of happiness. Because of this, tomatoes belong to the group of powerful antioxidants that improve emotional well-being and mood. By eating more tomatoes, you can cope with stress and depression.

6- Tomatoes And Immunity

Eating two medium-sized tomatoes gives you 60% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Ascorbic acid can increase the resistance to colds and infectious diseases. And also, this vitamin helps to restore strength and accelerates wound healing.

The presence of a high concentration of organic acids (folic, malic, oxalic, citric, nicotinic) and phytoncide have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. This contributes to an increase in vitality.

7- Tomatoes And Blood Pressure

The systematic inclusion of tomatoes (tomato drink) in the diet helps to normalize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and reduce blood viscosity. Consequently, the risk of blood clots/plaques, the occurrence of strokes, atherosclerosis of the brain and extremities, heart attacks decreases. Doctors recommend that hypertensive patients and those suffering from atherosclerosis eat at least one tomato daily.

You can obtain the maximum positive effects from tomatoes if used properly. Best used boiled or stewed. Tomato paste has the greatest benefit. You can dilute the paste and drink it like a tomato juice. If you prefer fresh tomatoes, then combine with fats for a healthy effect. You can use them to season salads, sour cream, or vegetable oils.

8- Tomatoes And Diabetes

Tomatoes have a huge advantage in the diabetics’ food set. They are labeled with a low glycemic index (20 GI) and contain an enormous amount of minerals and vitamins. The presence of chromium helps to stabilize glucose levels.

It is beneficial to consume this vegetable fresh. Pickled and canned tomatoes are undesirable. Proper use: salads with other vegetables and leafy greens, seasoned with a little vegetable oil.


People who have problems with the liver, joints, high acidity, metabolic disorders, and stony deposits in the kidneys should limit tomatoes. Also be cautious in case of stomach ulcers, the tendency to allergies, and gastritis.

Summing Up

 Tomato is a miraculous vegetable that has several health benefits. In case you limited its consumption, you should buy them now, and use them regularly. With time, you will be astonished to see its effect on health.

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