Covid-19 Blues: 5 Ways To Minimize Social Contact When Moving In 2021

While things have calmed down quite a bit worldwide, some countries are still battling the deadly Covid-19 situation. Things can never be too safe now, meaning you must always be on guard. Practicing social distancing and disinfecting everything, although necessary, can keep you safe for the longest of time. When moving, you must make sure to practice safe social distancing, sanitize religiously, pre-plan the itinerary, all along while organizing the moving process.

Keep reading to know more about five ways you can minimize social or physical contact, for that matter, while moving in 2021.

  1. Use fresh packaging materials and supplies

Packing material is something people seldom pay attention to as it is often viewed as trivial. Most people used recycled grocery cartons or boxes to previously pack something else as it is an easy way to save money. However, cardboard boxes are home to infection and can easily be the agent for transmitting the virus; after all, the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, as stated by scientific studies. Hence, contact or reach out to the moving company to see if they have supplies available for purchase. Some maintain a store which you can visit. For instance, in Fredrick MD moving company supplies these materials upon request.

  1. Prepare extra sanitizing materials for the move-in day

Moving day is the day you would be in most contact with everyone helping you do the shifting. You would need to be constantly sanitizing on the way to your destination and need it handy when you reach your new home. Make sure to have enough sanitizing material and safety/protective equipment, such as gloves and face masks, for your family as well as everyone helping you with the moving process. 

  1. Choose the service which promises minimal contact

You can take various preventive measures and choose services and methods to move, which involve minimal social contact to maximize your chances of being safe. If possible, do the packing and a large amount of moving on your own. If you do need moving companies’ help, hire the ones who provide virtual sessions for the estimated discussions and make sure to maintain a six feet distance between you and them at all times. You can get to know all about their safety protocols on their website or through a phone call to their help desk.

  1. Pre-plan and inquire about all details

The last thing you want is to reach the new place and not have things in order. Make sure to pre-plan all the events on a moving day, contact the authority at the new place, and everything else essential when moving. Pre-arrange all the essential documents that you need to submit when you move into the new location. Ensure to inquire about the new location’s safety protocols to avoid any hassle when you reach.

  1. Practice distancing while moving and loading the vehicle

Practicing distancing can be tricky when moving since we are all used to paying attention when the packing and loading are being done. However, we must maintain a safe distance now. To protect yourself, your loved ones, and the employees, make sure to isolate yourself in a room or place outside of the home while they handle the work. Pre-pack all the boxes, if possible, and seal them so that they are ready to go when the movers arrive. 

If things aren’t looking too good around you, or you have been sick lately, it would be ideal for you to postpone your moving dates for the safety of not only you and your family but also for the people coming in to help you with the moving. Happy relocating!

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