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How to choose the best wedding photographer?

Matrimony: A moment forever!

The cake gets eaten, the flowers die but it is the photos which last forever! Making sure that only a competent photographer captures your big day is quite a challenging feat to accomplish. But if things are done the right way, and a methodical approach is followed while hunting for a wedding photographer, sorting the best from the worst becomes quite fun actually. In this discussion, we talk about the key points which you must keep in mind when you are hunting for the best guy with a camera. After all, it is your big day, why shouldn’t you get the best guy in the business! 

Choose style before you look for a stylist!

But before you embark on the quest for the best wedding photography, you need to make sure that you have got your priorities all sorted and in order. It is only when you have settled for a particular wedding photo-shoot theme that you can start looking for a professional who can capture your precious moments just the way you want them to remember forever. Transferring what’s etched on your mind and heart to a piece of paper might not be a bad idea here. And hey, it’s ok to be confused! Someone in your family might have rocked that classic wedding photo shootout, some friends might have opted for a more formal theme. Your choices are far from few, but you will be just fine if you go with what your heart wants! 

Hunt for the best in the business!

Moving towards the business end of things, the first step that you must take in this journey is research. And research doesn’t mean scrolling on Instagram only! Rather, you must adopt a more focused approach for discovering the ideal cameraman/woman for your big day. Squint your eyes over the local listings, hunt on social media, visit personal blogs and webpages managed by professional photographers and ring them up. One important point to consider when you are shortlisting the Sioux Falls Wedding photographer is the client feedback. No point in hooking up with the bad guys, is there? Another key observation to be made at this stage of the hunt is the responsiveness of the professional under review. Noted these points? Alright, let us move to the next point.

Interview the shortlisted ones!

Some of their work will melt your heart, it will be that good! But you can’t make the final call just based on what you see on a photographer’s Instagram account. Seeing is not believing in this case, that’s for sure! The ideal way of knowing your short-listed ones better is to meet them in person. Contact them via any contact option available on their profile, and see if they are up for your gig or not. If they show their consent, invite them to your place & present them with all the necessary details concerning your wedding. Date, venue, your preferred style, and some finer points that you might have in your mind! Tell them everything that you feel (and they feel) matters.

Ask for more proof than what’s given to you!

Not all of them will be up to your task! So bid farewell politely to the ineligible ones, and focus on what you are left with. Once a feeling of goodwill and mutual trust starts to settle in gradually, photographers present the prospective clients with a portfolio of their best work. More often than not, only one wedding album or gallery is presented to the client, which is the point we are trying to bring to your attention here as well. Ask for more than one! This way, you can gauge the skill level of the professional you are interviewing better. If a wedding photographer has in their portfolio, a gallery of your preferred theme and style as well, that would be a right little cherry on the top! 

A bit of bonding can do wonders!

Client-professional relationship formalities are mandatory, but engaging in a light-hearted conversation with your likely wedding photographer is important as well. Things will be much more fun if your chosen professional is excited about your big day as well. The photo-shoot experience will be on a different level if the cameraman/woman clicks your big day with enthusiasm rather than with a just-doing-my-job face. This bonding will also give you an idea as to how much your chosen guy/girl is likely to take risks & improvise on a moment’s notice on the big day.

Draw comparisons!

Remaining cognizant of the fact that it is your wallet that makes the ultimate call is important. Inquire about the packages on offer, extract the details about prices and pictures both. Asking questions about the duration and number of shoots on offer is also something that you must not forget. Of course, you would want your photographer to capture every moment of your big day, but sometimes that is not included in a package. Hence, clearing any ambiguities before signing the deal is compulsory.

Don’t forget about the postproduction details!

Get the date of delivery when you are signing the pact with your photographer. Don’t want to be waiting for months for your pictures, do you? The average return time for a wedding photo shoot is around one month, but it can vary as well.


Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. If you play your cards smartly and follow the steps that we have outlined for you in this discussion, chances are high that you will end up hiring the best wedding photographer in your vicinity. One who can shoot your wedding day, not the way it looks, but the way it feels! 

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