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Crow’s feet: How to deal with these signs of Aging?

We all grow a little older with each new day, at it is not necessarily a bad thing as growth is important for making progress in life. But our human bodies show our years on different parts of our body, and our face is the first one to show the signs of aging, especially the under-eye area.

The fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes are known as crow’s feet and they can be caused due to the contraction of facial muscles when we make facial expressions such as laughing, crying, smiling, or frowning. As these fine lines around under your eyes appear gradually over months and years, so it is much difficult for you to notice them, and when you finally notice them, viola, you have crow’s feet!

There are two types of crow’s feet that can appear on your face, and they are basically categorized based on when they appear. If your face or under-eye area wrinkles up when you make facial expressions then your crow’s feet are dynamic and if your under-eye area stays wrinkled even when your face is in its resting position, or when you are asleep then your crow’s feet are static.

Now, the best thing to do about crow’s feet is doing nothing. Aging is a natural process that is eventually going to happen to each and every one of us.

But if you want to conceal them or reduce their appearance, then also there is nothing wrong with it, our bodies belong to us, and we have complete right to do whatever we want with it as long as it does not harm us in any way.

If you want to try it out, there are many cosmetic treatments available for reducing crow’s feet, the most famous of them is Botox, and you will also find make-up products which hide the wrinkles for you, and there are topical serums and creams formulated to reverse the signs of aging and even home remedies that may be helpful in giving your face a younger appearance.

Let’s explore the Treatments Available for Dealing with Crow’s Feet under your Eyes:

First of all, we will talk about the first things we try to deal with under-eye wrinkles and they are creams which we can apply to that area. The market is flooded with products that serve as topical treatments for wrinkles and they can be in the form of creams, gels, or even serums. Some oils are also used as a topical treatment of crow’s feet, but most of these topical products contain Retinoid, Vitamin C, and other such ingredients which can fight the signs of aging. You can get these products without any prescriptions and you will find that your favorite beauty brand offers one of these items so they are easily accessible, and most of them are well within most people’s budget. Topical treatments take about 30-30 weeks to show results with consistent application, and while they will have a positive effect on surface-level wrinkles, they won’t do much for deeper crow’s feet lines under your eyes.

Chemical Peels:

Many beauty salons and spas offer chemical peel treatments these days, and they give you results by applying a liquid solution of a chemical on your face which sits on your face for a while and then is peeled or removed. When this now dried solution is removed from your face, it also takes away the old layer of skin that may have age-spots and wrinkles on your face. So after the peel, you have a new layer of skin on your face that is free from wrinkles and age spots.

A certified esthetician can offer you superficial peels, and they are the most common ones done, but if your skin needs deeper peels, it is best to go for a doctor who specially deals with deeper facial peels.

Just like Allergan Botox treatments, most of the superficial peels involve no pain, but your doctor may put you on a numbing agent for deeper ones. You will have to get the superficial peels done every 2-4 weeks till you reach your desired level of younger-looking skin so they can be quite time-consuming and the cumulative cost of the peels can be huge.

Botox Injections:

Botox or Botulinum toxin is the most misunderstood treatment of crow’s feet or any kind of wrinkles. There are many misconceptions regarding it, such as assuming that you will not be able to make any facial expression if you get Botox.

But if you compare it with other treatments of reducing crow’s feet, you will find that Botox gives more long-lasting and assured results, and it involves almost zero pain and requires about 15 minutes. You can probably schedule a Botox treatment during one of your coffee breaks, and go back to work after, no problem.

As crow’s feet under the eyes are often caused by smiling, and appear more pronounced upon making a facial expression, Botox will be wonderful as they treat dynamic wrinkles more effectively. One treatment will give you result for 2-6 months, and the period will increase with each treatment you get, and Botox not only treats wrinkles, but it also prevents them. Also you can grow beautiful eyelashes using Careprost.

The obvious drawback of Botox treatments for crow’s feet is that it can be quite costly as most insurance policies don’t cover it, but you can buy Botox online where you get to compare prices between different sites and get the best deal for you. If you are in an industry where younger-looking skin is important for your career growth, then surely Botox is a profitable investment to make. Visit:

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