Cleaning Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common Commercial Cleaning Myths That Exist Today

People have a lot of questions about hiring a commercial cleaning company. For example, is it better to hire a company or an independent cleaning professional? For most, a company is the better choice.

Nowadays, we’re talking about professional cleaning more often. With the pandemic still in motion, we have a different relationship to cleanliness than we used to.

If you’re on the fence about commercial cleaning companies, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on as we debunk the most common myths about commercial cleaning companies.

Myth 1: Cleaning Professionals Don’t Know More About Cleaning Than You Do

You know how to use a vacuum cleaner, right? You know how to dust, how to mop, and how to declutter. Why would a professional cleaner do any better than you can?

For starters, starting a cleaning business takes some serious know-how. Professional cleaners know which cleaning solutions are appropriate for the surfaces in your home. They know the best methods for removing everything from dust to mold to stains.

Plus, hiring someone who works in the cleaning industry isn’t just about expertise. It’s also about saving you time and effort without having to sacrifice a clean, healthy home. You may know all the tips and tricks to cleanliness, but do you really want to spend your time utilizing them?

Myth 2: Commercial Cleaning Is Too Expensive

When you ask homeowners why they haven’t hired a cleaning company, the answer is almost always the same: “That’s a luxury I can’t afford.”

The reality is that you can find a local cleaning company that works within your budget. You don’t have to hire cleaners to come several times a month. For as low as $80, you can get a one-time deep clean that will completely reset your home.

(Keep in mind, too, that many cleaning companies offer affordable cleaning packages. You may pay less per visit when you book a cleaning company for several sessions.)

Myth 3: You Shouldn’t Trust Strangers in Your Home

The worst rumor floating around the cleaning industry rumor mill is that you can’t trust professional cleaners. After all, you’re granting them access to all parts of your home. How do you know that these strangers won’t steal or damage your valuables?

One of the biggest perks of working with a commercial cleaning company is its internal vetting process. Professional cleaners undergo background checks. Commercial cleaning companies also tend to hold liability insurance, which means that you’re not facing a financial loss if an accident does occur.

Don’t Believe These Commercial Cleaning Myths

Can you imagine having a cleaner home without having to go to the trouble of cleaning it, yourself? If this sounds appealing to you, it’s worth it to hire a commercial cleaning company. We hope that by debunking these common commercial cleaning myths, you feel more comfortable making the change.


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