Debunking the Most Common EMF Radiation Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common EMF Radiation Myths That Exist Today

As technology develops, people often worry about the effects of that development. For example, several years ago, many people believed that cell phone EMF radiation would cause cancer development.

In many cases, EMF radiation is the central feature that gives people fear. EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is a topic that brings with it several misconceptions and myths. Unfortunately, this makes people less trusting of such everyday resources as WiFi signals.

Understanding this topic brings with it much increased peace of mind. In this guide, we’ll break down some popular myths surrounding EMF radiation. Let’s get started!

No Safe Levels of EMF Radiation

In reality, citizens of the modern world find themselves surrounded by radiation daily. Because of how commonplace it is, radiation rarely harms people in small doses. This fact holds whether the radiation comes from natural or artificial sources.

Those who worry about EMF radiation correctly identify devices like cell phones and computers as sources. Electronic devices frequently emit radiation, as do resources like cell phone towers and WiFi routers. Throughout your day, these sources rarely harm your body.

However, there are situations when radiation exposure can hurt you. For instance, if you constantly have your cell phone pressed to your ear, it can result in harmful contamination levels.

Microwaving Your Food Makes It Radioactive

Many people worry that microwaving their food may make it radioactive, thereby harming them when they consume the meal. Usually, this myth stems from a confusion between radioactivity and electromagnetic waves.

Microwaves utilize a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths that range from one meter to one millimeter. The box channels these microwaves through your food to stir up its molecules and heat your food.

In contrast, radioactivity happens when unstable atomic nuclei lose energy by releasing radiation. Of the two, microwaves use electromagnetic radiation that’s much more similar to what cell phones emit.

However, the fact that these machines don’t contaminate your food doesn’t make them harmless. Long-term exposure to microwaves heating food could cause trouble for your body. Typically, you can avoid this threat by standing at a distance from the microwave.

Vehicles Offer EMF Protection

People often think that using a cell phone in a car is safer because the vehicle acts as EMF protection. The reality actually reflects the opposite. Cars have metal roofs and tinted glass that help trap radiation in an automobile.

When you make a call in your car with the windows closed, the vehicle prevents cell phone tower signals from penetrating. So, instead, the phone uses more power to find a closer transmitter.

In doing so, it increases the SAR value of the phone. As such, vehicles don’t make talking on the phone safer. Instead of relying on this fake protection, find real security with

Learn More About EMF Radiation Today

EMF radiation is more complex than its myths make it seem. If you want to learn more about EMF safety, look for protection services today!

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