Deliver a Robust Patient Experience with Kareo EHR (2021)
Deliver a Robust Patient Experience with Kareo EHR (2021)

Deliver a Robust Patient Experience with Kareo EHR (2021)

Deliver a Robust Patient Experience with Kareo EHR (2021). In any industry, customers want an engaging experience where they’re heard, appreciated, and catered to. Similarly, the healthcare industry is no different either, especially within the US. However, crafting a superior patient experience strategy is no easy task. However, solutions like Kareo EHR software help simplify this process through effective technologies and seamlessly integrated solutions.

Think of your patients as your consumers. The more engaging experience you provide, the more likely they are to return to your practice, should the need ever arise. On the flip side, the lack of an engaging experience can result in patients never returning to your practice. So not only the reward of building a solid patient experience high, the cost of not doing so is also high.

Kareo EHR software recognizes this need and provides you with all the tools you need to ensure your patients’ engaging experience. However, how you choose to use these tools depends on how effective they are for your practice’s setting.

In this blog, we’ve divided your patient engagement into three different stages. This includes:
• Pre-visit
• During Visit
• Post-Visit

Pre-Visit Engagement

Here’s what you can do to engage with your patients before their actual visit.

Online Scheduling

The first step in providing an engaging experience is online scheduling. Kareo EHR offers you the ability to provide patients with online scheduling and simplified appointment management.

Why is this important?

Think about it from your patient’s perspective. What’s easier; calling a practice and manually give all of your information, or just fill out a form online? Of course, anyone would choose the latter. In addition to the ease it creates for your patients, they can also set up an appointment outside working hours.

Automated Appointment Reminders

While many practices still rely on the traditional approach of calling up each patient before an appointment, it’s not an effective approach in today’s era. In addition to the extra costs you’re incurring, you’re forgetting one thing. People usually don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers.

Why is this important?

With Kareo EHR’s automated appointment reminders, you can reduce the burden of cold calling from your staff. You can also choose the frequency and timing of these automated appointment reminders through email and text.


We are now ready for the new patient to check into his/her appointment. At this point, you can use Kareo EHR’s or Olea Kiosk their self-service kiosk feature to help you enter the patient’s information or have them send their papers ahead of time electronically.

To give patients an outstanding patient experience, you must take every opportunity to show them how much you value them.

With a highly integrated and cloud-based platform like Kareo EMR, you can simplify scheduling, patient intake, and patient check-in as easy as pie for your patients. Kareo Engage is one of the modules offered as an add-on module with Kareo EMR that helps build an engaging experience with your patients.

During Visit Engagement

Here’s what you can do to engage with your patients during their appointment.


Nowadays, consumers want convenience in healthcare, such as the ability to find care from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or any other place. With Kareo’s telehealth solution, you can. You can also integrate it with Kareo EHR to create a seamless digital architecture for better efficiency.
Taking advantage of this care delivery option ensures patients stay safe from exposure to the COVID virus, helps save on travel costs and travel-related hassles, and eliminates the need for childcare services.
Some of the key benefits of Kareo Telehealth are:
• Improved Patient Outcomes
• More Satisfied Patients
• Increased Staff Efficiency
• Patient Scheduling Flexibility
• Reduced No-Shows
• Generate Incremental Revenue

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are essential for practices that focus on mental and behavioral health practices because they provide key assessment information and establish focus areas for treatment. They are common among psychologists, psychiatrists, health care providers, and therapists at most care levels. Even nurses and social workers often need treatment plans.

Kareo EHR’s latest update also features a wide array of treatment plans for behavioral and mental health practices. With this addition, patients and providers are provided with the plans that will guide them and assist them in his/her progress towards achieving the goals they have set.

What sets it apart from the rest is that it’s modular – you can add/change as many objectives, goals, and interventions as you need.

Patient Collection & Billing

Rising healthcare costs have resulted in more financial stress and emotional burden on patients due to:
• Increased amount of out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare.
• Rising financial impact of COVID-19
• Stressed out by society’s “new norms” brought on by COVID-19
Some of the common examples are reduced social interaction, homeschooling, health fears, increased loneliness, and isolation.

With Kareo EHR and Practice Management, you can:
• Conduct regular audits to identify key problems before they escalate.
• Scrub claims before submission to minimize denied claims.
• Provide an Accurate Charge Capture & Management function letting you access & enter expenses directly in Kareo and never skip an expense.
• Deploy smart insurance billing and collections that ensure you get paid on time.
• Process claims, track tools, and stay ahead of your patient A/R.
• Use billing reports and analytics to better understand your performance and minimize surprises.

Post-Visit Engagement

Here’s what you can do to engage with your patients after your patient’s appointment.

Convenient Payment Options

Providing your patients with more convenience to make healthcare payments, Kareo Patient Collect reduces unnecessary complexity and allows your patients to arrange payments wherever and whenever they prefer. Patients can handle payment processing quickly and securely by phone or online.


Maintaining contact with patients is one way you can demonstrate that you care and enhance the patient experience. Finding that time is often tricky when your practice is busy, so it falls further down the priority list. That’s where technology helps you let patients know when it’s time to get their annual visits, follow their treatment plans, and recommend your office to friends and family.

With an effective solution like Kareo EHR, you also have:
• E-prescribing. With electronic prescribing, you save time, as well as phone calls, and eliminates your staff members’ additional burden.
• Kareo Rx Saver. In partnership with GoodRx, Kareo Rx Saver lets you help your patients find the best prescription prices and use any coupons available directly from the Kareo EHR platform.
• Send patient birthdays and holiday greetings. Don’t forget to greet patients on their birthdays and during holidays. Research has shown that birthday emails increase patient satisfaction and drive more visits to medical practice.
• Preventive care reminders. Almost two-thirds of consumers choose a provider who reminds them by text or email when it’s time for preventive care or follow-up.

Conclusion – Why Choose Kareo EHR?

Make sure that patients at your practice have the best experience possible by putting them in the middle of your operations. Look beyond the healthcare dynamics to see what different consumer-facing businesses are doing to lead the charge on customer satisfaction. The customer experience is all about convenience and expediency while at the same time being cost-effective.

Think outside the box. The patient experience is about more than the time patients spend with their providers face to face.

Since its founding in 2005, Kareo EHR has a proven track record of meeting the unique needs of healthcare and mental health providers. The all-in-one platform was developed to help you increase patient volume, minimize patient no-shows, enhance virtual care, speed up the check-in process, and manage e-prescriptions efficiently.

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