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Getting started with a new POS system: Easy migration tips

In recent days there have been many reasons for choosing the point of the sale process in many businesses. The selection of the right software can unchain a more rewarding experience for customers in-store and online. Advancing to the new retail POS system can also shorten the checkout process and enable you to create engaging loyalty and incentive programs to improve the efficiency of your employees. Outlined below are some migration tips to get started with the new POS system in your business.

Trained your staff with a new POS system:

If you consider using a new POS in your business, you must train your staff to handle it. When it comes to mastering the new POS system in your shop management, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. Many POS providers offer illustrated products documentation and video tutorial to help your staff to get up with your system’s speed. For instance, take the credit card transactions process by the customers to your shop. The step by step process explained in the video will be highly helpful for your staff to overview the process of your new POS. Many of your staff may find that doing the process by them is a far more efficient way to learn better. Before offering training to your staff, you should make all the hardware and accessories set up properly to assign the roles and responsibilities of your staff with a unique POS system user account. In addition, it will encourage the involvement of your staff in using the new POS system to help the real customers on your shop floor.

Access your staff to historical data:

Even if a new POS system is easier to use than the store’s current system, but some retail staff may worry that they will lose the sales data, customer profiles, and other essential information. Comfort your staff to trade in all the customers and sales detail from your old POS system to the new one. The advanced POS offers numerous customs to do this using a strong ecosystem of third-party apps and equipment. With the support of your point of sale system, you can change entire online storefronts from other eCommerce platforms to your retail shop in just a few clicks. And it can also help you to update the existing store bulk, including discounts, draft orders and even blog posts. During training, you should assist your staff in finding the historical data in the POS system. It is value bearing that your imported data may not look the same in your new system.

Ask your staff feedback:

After introducing the new POS system to your staff and giving them enough time to learn and use it, ask questions about their experience to surface potential problems. For example, asking questions such as generally about accessing the reports and customer information can be a good starting point. Then drill down with the follow-up questions like your employees cannot get exact information from your customers to offer actionable solutions.

The bottom line:

Finally, you can switch to the new POS system with step-by-step onboarding process. By setting up the new POS system in your shop, you can quickly increase the speed of your staff to enhance more customer satisfaction. Thus the tips mentioned above will help you to migrate to the new POS system.

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