Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 Flower: Origins & Characteristics

A few years ago, there were no relevant studies about Delta-8 – we had limited knowledge about this phytocannabinoid, and not many cannabis users were even aware that it was an option. However, as cannabis use slowly lost its stigma, everyone started looking into different strains and experimented to find something with all the benefits but without the mind-altering effects associated with THC.

Vaporizers with Delta-8 cartridges appeared first a while back, and they quickly became an absolute favorite among vapers. People then started to ask questions about the beneficial effects of this compound and how it compared to the more well-known members of the THC family. Studies revealed that it has a higher impact on some medical conditions than Delta-9 THC.

Today, everyone is looking for the best Delta-8 flowers, but if you want to know the best Delta-8 product, you need to know its origins and characteristics. Let’s see what this flower does and where it comes from.

What Is the Delta-8 Flower?

Delta-8 flower is a close member of the THC family. This hemp plant has over 100 compounds, one of the more important ones being Delta-8 phytocannabinoid. It’s very similar in composition to Delta-9-THC. People associate it with its cousin, but they are very different.

Isolating Delta-8 from cannabis is very complex, as Delta-8 hemp flowers are made through Delta-9-THC oxidation. This cannabinoid differs from Delta-9 due to its low ability to bind to endocannabinoid receptors.

Also, unlike Delta-9-THC, Delta-8 has no psychoactive properties. Before they are added to a product, Delta-8 molecules are liquid, and the flower is formed by inserting Delta-8 THC concentrate and isolate. It’s impossible to use Delta-8 as an isolate due to its different viscosity.

Delta-8 flowers are also more sticky and soggy than regular hemp flowers because they can never dry out enough to resemble the fine powdered form you get from some Delta-9 strains.

Delta-8 Origins

Delta-8 originates from the cannabis plant. It’s a smaller cannabinoid that isn’t as concentrated and cannot be found in large quantities in cannabis, and is also known as a degraded form of THC. This compound is not produced by enzymes synthesized in cannabinoids like other cannabis compounds.

Hemp plants do not create Delta-8 alone – it must be stored in a plant. Once this is done, it takes some time for THC to degrade into Delta-8 THC. With this in mind,  we can’t explain the origin of Delta-8 without taking a deep dive into the illustrious history of cannabis.

Cannabis was found in the early 2800 BC when Cannabis Sativa and Indica strains evolved in Asia. The first use of the hemp plant was for the textile industry, but people then discovered the benefits it has on the body and started to use it as an alternative drug.

To this day, cannabis is used for various purposes, and the potentials and benefits of its strains and cannabinoids, including Delta-8, are increasingly being discovered.

Characteristics and Properties of Delta-8

Delta-8 is a beneficial compound that affects various medical and chronic conditions. While many people still choose to use CBD, they are not aware that Delta-8 has more beneficial effects. This compound is a cannabis concentrate, and all concentrates have their unique properties and characteristics. Here are some that Delta-8 cannabinoid has.

–          Reduces Anxiety

Delta-8 has a mild effect on the endocannabinoid system – it activates C1 receptors and unblocks them, helping with anxiety, stress, and paranoia. Delta-8 actively acts on these receptors and encourages their smooth operation, activating anti-stress hormones and helping the body come to harmony and balance.

–          Relieves Body Pains

People who suffer from any type of pain know that consuming Delta-8 can alleviate these symptoms. Many doctors have begun to use this compound as a medical remedy to help cancer patients with severe pain that can often cause severe nausea.

Delta-8 also reduces the symptoms of nausea. Characteristically, it can also help increase appetite for people who regularly suffer from severe nausea caused by pain.

–          Provides Relaxation

Delta-8 isn’t a psychoactive substance but provides a feeling of relaxation. All this happens completely naturally and without the characteristic cognitive impairment associated with THC. The Delta-8 molecules slowly pass through the digestive system and provide relaxation in the long run.


Due to their beneficial effects on various conditions, we can expect Delta-8 flowers to be on the market for a long time. That’s why more people need to know where the substance came from and what the real powers of this phytocannabinoid are.

However, the industry is just starting to learn about this compound. There’s more research each year showing the positive effects it has on the human body, so we can safely say that Delta-8 has a bright future.

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