Different things and places to visit in Argentina

The tango’s house is full of culture, gastronomy and nature. Check out some different places to visit and enjoy.

South America is one of the most beautiful places to visit. With tropical weather, this continent is famous because of some countries, like Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, with historical and touristic places.

Brazil is known especially for the Carnival’s Parties, delicious food and, as in Colombia, beautiful beaches. Argentina, on the other hand, is known for its gastronomy and historical places, with foreign architecture. Several tourists plan to travel to the tango’s house searching for a unique experience.

So if you like culture, theater, a good meal and a little bit of architecture, you must visit Argentina. But this is not all the country has to offer. Here are some different places to go and different things to do in Argentina.

Cerro Catedral, in Bariloche

With a small village, this mountain is the perfect place for those who enjoy skiing. Cerro Catedral is a point of meeting of skiers all around the world. You can rent skiing equipment and clothes, besides taking a cable car to get to the top of the mountain. However, you must ski to get down, so do not take it if you are not used to longer routes.

Both at the top and bottom of the mountain, you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant, besides the Patagonia’s Bar. You can also buy little reminders for yourself or loved ones in the shop. To get there, you can go by car. It has a parking lot close to the entrance.

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Villa La Angostura

Considered the most beautiful mountain’s village of Patagonia, Villa La Angostura is a place to all the tastes. You can enjoy the architecture, a mix of German and Alpine masterpieces, due to the immigration of people from Germany and Switzerland.

Besides the architecture, the place is full of stores that sell clothes, decoration articles and souvenir reminders. For those who like to enjoy the food, there are steak houses, restaurants with several options for all tastes and candy shops to enjoy. You can get there by leaving San Martín, following through the Seven Lakes way on Route 40.

San Martín de Los Andes

For those who like good food and quiet vibes, San Martín de Los Andes is the ideal place for you to visit, a small city with a mountain architecture made from wood and stones. The business stores stay in huts and you can count on several alternatives of restaurants to eat local food or another country’s food, if you would like. Besides that, you and your loved ones can enjoy bars and entertainment, skiing or know the Seven Lakes Area.

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Garganta del Diablo

Have you ever thought about knowing a place like Grand Cânion, in South America? Garganta del Diablo is a place made of stones that was formed over 15 millions of years ago. You can also buy some handmade souvenirs and local stones to collect or for your decoration.

Quebrada del Las Flechas

Taking the road of Cafayete’s City, going through Route 40, about 42 miles, you can arrive at a beautiful view, called Quebrada del Las Fechas. It is in Angastaco, in Calchaquí, and there are pointed mountains. If you are an adventure type, you can sleep in your car in corners. You don’t have to own a 4×4 car, but it is recommended you lower the calibration. But be careful, if you decide to sleep there, you are going to need a little more traction to get the car out.

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