Digital Natives – How to Keep Them on Track? | TheWiSpy

Digital Natives – How to Keep Them on Track? | TheWiSpy

People who are grown up in the digital environment are known as digital natives. Millennials began their social media journey later, but our Gen Z grew up with these social networking sites. They know more about such a network than other users. The reason is crystal clear that they are on such a platform when they start learning the basics of life. But they do not know that much about real-life facts, including whom they should trust, what they should posts, etc. They know much about tech but have no inkling about the dark world.

Young age groups do grow in such an environment where they have sharks everywhere. Here, we refer to sharks as sexual predators, sexual abuse, abusive behavior, cyberbullying, etc. Such threats ruin the online reputation and can haunt the target user in the real world too. Mobile tracker demand has been amplified in recent years.

Why We Shouldn’t Leave our Tech-savvy Kids Alone in Digital World?

From 1994, the internet access that adults had, has been increased from 14% to 87%. It shows how many users are active on social networking sites now. But the most significant part to play is by the parents. No matter how tech-savvy our new generation is, they still need proper guidance and online behavior suggestions.

Read Next Section to Find Out Most Popular Activities of Digital Natives. 

1 – 46% video calls

2 – 66% owe iPhones & 91% teens use phones in bed.

3 – 80% of kids love messaging

4 – 53% online games

5 – 59% of them download online apps.

What Sharks Can Track Them in Digital Sea? OR How they Become A Shark?

We always talk about how dangers can interact with the children, but we should also focus on the other side. At an early age, Gen z get their mobiles and join networking sites. It might be possible that they become a victim, but they can also become a sea shark and can hunt anyone. Early age internet freedom brings many threats and can develop some sarcastic nature. Parents should educate their kids about:

1 – How they should behave with other online users.

2 – Should respect the privacy of others.

3 – They should avoid making sarcastic comments.

4 – They cannot go outside to meet an online friend.

5 – Kids should understand what to do if someone asks the personal pictures.

Mobile Tracker – Ensure Gen Z Online Security 

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, etc., we need to stay always active about grooming kids’ activities. No doubt that they can get hurt, but they can also become a problem for someone. Excessive usage can turn them into cybercriminals, and they will feel emotionless while making negative comments on anyone. Phone tracking app can stop them from becoming a digital shark (when they interact with cybercriminals). Parents can trace their online activities and learn if they are toxic to someone. It will help to keep digital natives in the right path.

Cell phone tracker works as a location tracking app and offers incredible location-based services. The end-user can do a lot more by installing the mobile tracker in the target android phone.

Wrapping Up

Early age internet usage can increase learning but also can bring many dangers. It can teach digital natives to say abusive words and can ruin their personality. Mobile tracker helps a lot to create secure cyberspace that will help the kids to grow without being rude to anyone. TheWiSpy is the best way to help the digital natives.

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