Dim The Light Or Let The Sunshine

Dim The Light Or Let The Sunshine In: Which Is Better And When

Ah, sunshine. You love it, you hate it. It’s great when plans are made to go out and the weather cooperates. It’s awesome when you hang a load of laundry out to air dry. It’s fantastic when you want to sunbathe at the beach or on your lawn. Yet all of these are situations where you go out to meet the sun, not necessarily welcome it into your home. Is it intrusive inside? There are many benefits to welcoming the sun both inside your abode and embracing it outside. Also, existing are occasions when a toning down of brightness is necessary or preferred. Let’s explore both sides.

In Moderation

Dim The Light

You may concede that yes, sunlight is important but regulating how much of the rays get inside is equally important. And you’re right. Over-exposure to the sun can have very harmful effects. Most homes have quite a few windows and some may even be outfitted with glass doors that beckon sunshine in. Everything is better in moderation. Instead of using blinds or drapes to temper the sun, go for a cleaner and more timeless choice.

Wooden shutters crafted and painted to your liking add a certain charm and appeal to your home. Too much sunlight coming in? No problem. Adjust each tier of your shutters to your preferred angle to partially or totally restrict the light. With drapes, your options are all or none. No in-between. With shutters, you can enjoy a happy medium. The professionals at shuttercraft.co.uk/shutters/ want you to make the best decision for your home. The experts are available to give you all information you require and will leave it up to you to decide if it is the best fit for you.

Reasons to Embrace The Sun

Increase the happy hormone in your system. Serotonin production and secretion are prompted by sunlight. This hormone is responsible for your positive and happy moods. Not getting sufficient rays can negatively affect your disposition so much so that in some cases this results in depression.

If it’s a sunny day in the UK but you’re stuck inside, open up those shutters! Those UV-B rays are essential for your body’s production of vitamin D. It has never been easier to help yourself grow strong bones and stay healthy. Between five to fifteen minutes about three times a week, sunscreen free, exposure to the sun is recommended by the World Health Organization. Any amount of time greater than fifteen minutes, protect your skin with sunscreen.

Research is showing that the right amount of sunlight can help ward of specific cancers and treat some skin ailments. Colon and ovarian cancers are reduced in persons living in sunny regions and jaundice and eczema respond well to sunlight. More information will be published on this in the coming years but the accepted conclusion is that in moderation sunlight is helpful.

The WHO cautions that the sun’s rays are more powerful and direct between the hours of 10 a.m and 4 pm. Avoiding direct exposure during these times is important to maintain skin health. So if you’re sitting on your sofa or at your computer desk and the sun is blasting right onto you, change your position, adjust your shutters, draw your blinds, do what you can to avert some of that light.

Sunlight isn’t only beneficial for you. If you have plants in the home, they need the sun as much as you do. Place your plants as close to the window as you can. Southerly-facing windows will allow for the most light to be received. Photosynthesis can take place and your plants can continue to thrive.

Setting The Mood

Setting The Mood

While the sun is great, there’s a reason it sets every day. The body needs some time out of direct sunlight and to be engulfed in a softer light. A more darkened atmosphere triggers in the brain signals that begin the production of melatonin. The sleep hormone. Dim lights help you to wind down and relax and prepare for bed.

Apart from good sleep purposes, dim lights are used often to set a specific ambiance. A certain romantic touch is felt when a gentle glow of light encompasses the body. A cozy dinner for two? A snuggle in front of the fireplace? Blaring bright lights simply would not do.

There’s a time and a place for both the sun’s bright light and for a more somber and calm vibe. Each having its own benefits, none is better than the other. It just depends on the time of day and the mood of the occasion.

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