Do I need industrial or commercial cleaning for my property?

Not many people know this but there is a vast difference between commercial and industrial cleaning in Sydney. The main differences can be found in the standard of cleaning and what that means for health and safety regulations. Industrial and commercial spaces come with different cleaning challenges because one is typically used for desk work and another for heavy machinery work. Then, the variations in height, width, vents, windows, flooring, walls, surfaces, and so many other factors play a role in the necessary cleaning techniques and chemicals used. The one common thing between these two distinct types of specialisations in cleaning is that they have to be carried out to be safe for use and work.

What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is a set of techniques that are the best for industrial properties like plants, factories, event spaces etc. These areas can be vast concentrations of large numbers of people or just heavy-duty work, and in both cases, proper cleaning is required to keep it safe for use. Professionals are needed for this job because it all comes back to health and safety and meeting Sydney’s ambitious standards – it has to be done right. Industrial cleaning requires the proper training, the best equipment and tools and specialised knowledge to complete the job correctly. This is easy to understand once you know why industrial cleaning has more hazards than a commercial building. Let’s take the example of very important parts of our lives by using industrial food suppliers…

Dairy plants or food manufacturing factories are part of the industrial premises that need these services. They have their own set of techniques and speciality areas that require deep and correct cleans more regularly. This includes speciality machinery and equipment. Breweries are another excellent example of an industrial property that needs professional industrial cleaning. The fermenters and large vats need regular cleaning with the correct chemicals to ensure that the product isn’t contaminated.

How is industrial cleaning different?

Industrial cleaning mainly differs based on the scale of cleaning that needs to be done. In terms of industrial cleaning, we are talking about large scale buildings here which have complicated machinery and equipment. There’s so much to be careful of and pay attention to. Dust and bacteria in an industrial setting can be detrimental to equipment where it might cause a sneeze or two in a commercial environment.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning in Sydney are services that usually rely on a regular cleaning schedule, with a deep clean needed less often than an industrial cleaning service. Commercial spaces are typically used for retail, office, supermarkets, schools, banks, and other high traffic areas. With so many visitors, there is a good chance that colds, flu, and germs are coming through the door too. These places have a constant flow of people, and therefore the cleaning needs to be focused on that. Industrial areas won’t experience the same level of traffic, and therefore, the focus point is different. There is an additional need to pay attention to commercial premises vs those for industrial spaces, and that’s why there’s a distinction between the two. It also relates to health and regulations based on regional law for each type of building because they have a separate set of standards. Cleaning a school or boutique in Sydney is vastly different from cleaning a plant or large-scale event space.

Differences between commercial and industrial cleaning

1.    Cleaning chemicals

Industrial properties have much stricter regulations to stick to, and therefore they need to be more aware of their environment and working conditions. Professional industrial cleaning companies can’t just use any cleaning products because they need to stick to strict laws about harm to themselves or others in the environment.  Commercial cleaning is much less stringent because they are much less likely to face these dangers. There are fewer restrictions on what materials that cleaning services can use. Industrial cleaners are not technically allowed to use certain products that a commercial cleaner would use because they would be harmful to industrial equipment. They need to use other chemicals to remove stains or grease because of how expensive the kit is. Industrial cleaning jobs don’t just need different chemicals; they also need additional equipment. Professional office cleaners may vacuum or mop heads for a job, buying them from a local shop.

2.    Industrial working conditions

Industrial cleaners have to wear heavy-duty safety equipment to prevent injury. This includes something like wearing metal-toed boots. Commercial cleaners would usually not have to do something like this because they wouldn’t be doing the heavy lifting that requires the protection of their toes. This is only a clear difference between the two cleaning specialisations. Industrial cleaners are most likely to walk and work around concrete in an ample open space. Commercial cleaners work indoors or on the carpet.

3.    Environmental requirements & regulations

Excellent and green regulations in Australia only require that commercial cleaners have a Green Globe. This environmental safety standard means that they have committed to minimising their impact on the environment. At the same time, industrial cleaners don’t have these exact requirements. Commercial cleaning jobs mostly take place indoors, and therefore they don’t have much to consider. Industrial cleaning is different because certain chemical substances that are used can pose a threat upon exposure. This is why it’s so essential for industrial cleaners in Australia to have a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. They’re working on hazardous materials, and therefore they must have one.

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