Fear Explained: How Third Wave Of Covid Affected The Migrants Finding Jobs In Delhi

If the past decade is marked by anything that the future generations are going to remember is nothing but the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. The virus affected every aspect of social and cultural life globally. Its precincts are not only limited to the biology of people whom it harmed directly but some social groups faced the wrath upon their livelihood. One such social group in India has been the migrants and migrant workers in particular. These workers, some along with their families, are usually the ones who had left their hometown in search of jobs in Delhi but were unaware of events going to hit their lives.

COVID is not yet gone, and the third wave hovering over our head can bring the same fear and destruction in no time if not dealt with properly and in due time. This third wave has already started affecting the migrants finding jobs in Delhi. Let us learn more about the impact of the third wave of COVID on the lives of migrants and what they can do to get themselves a better livelihood.

Third Wave of COVID and its Impact on Migrants Finding Jobs in Delhi

Delhi is the home to the capital city of India. It is an amalgamation of both past and present, represented in its preservation of culture and acceptance of modernization at the same time. This has created a wide domain of job opportunities, ranging from casual to permanent. The COVID wave has affected all such job groups differently.


The COVID wave has forced many factories and other SMEs to shut down their operation due to low demand amidst lockdown. The sudden decrease in revenue has also created a cash crunch in some companies and left them with nothing to continue to business operation and pay to the workforce. These shutdowns have severely impacted migrants finding jobs in Delhi as the demand for workers got decreased and at the same time, the supply got increased. This has led to people looking for jobs on the internet, which has given a great relief in such a situation. So, if you are looking for a job that suits your profile, find the best jobs in Delhi from Workindia.

Most sectors went to shutdown due to COVID

Unavailability of Transportation

COVID not only resulted in fewer job opportunities but also pushed transportation to a halt. Even after some relaxation, the total volume of travellers always exceeded the available transportation means. This has also affected ones finding jobs in Delhi, as they were left with no means to leave their place and get themselves a comfortable stay in the city. However, some online job search platforms have allowed such job seekers to get better opportunities and find a stable livelihood in Delhi.

No Part-Time Jobs

Many individuals finding jobs in Delhi are always on the lookout for some part-time employment so that they can meet their expenses until they get their dream job. With the COVID wave hitting every sector, most part-time jobs vanished all of a sudden due to the shutdown of industries like tourism, hotel chains, fast food chains, etc. This led to many job seekers refraining from taking risks of leaving their hometown and spending days finding jobs in Delhi.

Spike in the Number of Migrant Workers

Although we do not have any fresh data on the count of migrant workers in India, past stats suggest that the number has always been increased due to the development of cities and subsequently people leaving the countryside to find better livelihood opportunities. The National Sample Survey (NSS) data from 2007-2008 shows that 28.3 percent of the total workforce in India were migrants. The number increased to 37 percent in the 2011 census. Hence, the COVID wave in 2021 along with the continuous increase in migration left many without any job.

Migrants were the most affected social group due to the COVID-19 wave.

Decreased Expenditure and Savings

The COVID wave created a vicious cycle. Fewer jobs or underpaid jobs in a family resulted in a cut in expenditure and a decrease in savings. This forced many young aspirants to give up their education and settle for token jobs in their neighbourhood. Many dreams got shattered during the time and migrants were left with nothing other than to return to their hometown and support their families as much as possible.

COVID Positive

Many migrants finding jobs in Delhi also caught COVID and remained ill throughout the period when they could have settled with a job. Added to this, the medical expenses which they had to bear throughout the treatment. This further depleted their savings and many were pushed into debt. To cover up all these, most of such aspirants compromised and settled with something else in order to beath the havoc thrown on them.

How Can One Find Jobs in Delhi

It is true that COVID has affected many livelihoods in a way that one can never imagine. But this also led to the emergence of some unique solutions to such problems. Not only online education but the life of many youths also got support from several online job portals that allowed people to find jobs in Delhi and other Indian cities at the comfort of their homes. Just by creating a profile and filling in some relevant details, people can now get a job as per their qualifications and have the stable livelihood they deserve.

Nothing can be more dangerous and scathing than what we have seen in the past couple of years. People getting devastated, families being torn away, and every bad thing that can happen at a time. However, thanks to some initiatives and services that we can now get the job done at our fingertips and without leaving our convenience. If some of us are anyhow safe from the COVID hammer and made through everything easily, it is our duty to help others by making themselves aware of the fact that how easy it is nowadays to get a job based on their educations and skills. With our collective efforts, we are on our way to beat COVID, Let us then use all the available resources, most of which can be accessed over the internet, and prepare ourselves to tackle any future challenges in a better way.

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