controlled by any single authority

Does bitcoin get controlled by any single authority? 

Bitcoin is not like any other currency unit. It is the most popular of the 5000 crypto units in use today. Personnel monitoring bitcoin take a close look at every unexpecting high and depressing downfall. Thus, in short, bitcoin as an asset can’t escape the market.

But, whatever the asset may be, the variability and volatility of bitcoin, the unpredictable limits of its cash value make it a subject of scrutiny for many. So it is important to know its detailed whereabouts before opting to invest in it.

What is Bitcoin?

Originating from unknown means, Bitcoin is an independent online money unit that can be perfectly used like normal money. The trade now system is not under the influence of authorities. It is equipped with cryptography that enables a greater amount of security and trust.

Bitcoin transaction proofs are stored in archives that are open to all. Anyone can access it. And this cuts off chances to duplicate or misplace records.


First users need a Bitcoin wallet to be set up in their system. This provides a wallet id. This id is to be shared when there’s a transaction in a queue. Users can create multiple such wallets as well. But the address of bitcoin is to be used only once.

The archives are usually called Blockchain. They maintain details of the bitcoin balance and transaction history. It is necessary as it can point out whether the user is capable of any more transactions with the help of the available balance. All these details are secured by cryptography.

The transaction is nothing but spending and receiving funds. Wallets possess a private key that it utilizes to verify transactions. These are mathematical proofs that the expected owner spending the bitcoin is authentic. This signature is also helpful as it protects against alteration of data by any third party after it is completed.

Mining is a process that accomplishes all left transfers in the system. It instils them in the archives. It maintains an algorithmic order in the system, impartiality of the network and Permits multiple computers the agreement on the condition of the system. To get verified, these expenses are to be packed in a set that is equipped with strict cryptographic regulations and must be at last verified by the network. 

These rules secure the previous blocks from getting modified. Not doing so might alter the whole process of mining. This process is like a lucky draw system. This implies not anyone can reach the rewards easily. So, no individual or group is entitled to the power to control the inclusion of blocks or modify the blocks in the series to ensure their advantage.

Control of Bitcoin

Just like no individual owns the system technology of running an email, no one is responsible for managing, initiating, running or controlling the cycle of bitcoin.

Nobody owns the connection links of bitcoin either. It’s independent of any party, Government or central authoritative bank system.

Then who looks after bitcoin? 

Bitcoin users themselves take care of its existence. There are software developers who can manage sections of the process. But they can’t get the total authority. This is because there are multiple options for such software. This software, though, works almost in synchronisation with each other. Users require software compliance with the same set of rules.

Bitcoin can work properly only when all users maintain harmony and follow the same list of regulations. It is the sole responsibility of makers and miners to protect the existence of these rules.


The authority and capabilities of bitcoin can be understood from the fact that it can affect private proposals and communities at a worldwide range, just by shifting the price of trust and coordination to the network utilizing an algorithmic method. This enables marketers to reach places where physical markets weren’t possible. All this has happened, because of its independent nature.



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