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Does losing weight seem like an impossible mission?

Perhaps you have already thought: “Tomorrow I diet” or “I will give up because I prefer to eat cookies over this effort.” Many people even buy different medicines to lose weight from online drug store. If this is the case, this text is for you.

Did you know that motivation can be worked on? Follow our tips:

Understand why you want to lose weight

It is essential to define why you want to lose weight and write them down. All the reasons are valid: wanting to fit in those pants that you haven’t worn in two years, to be healthier, not to get tired when going upstairs, or as a matter of self-esteem. The important thing is that you want to lose weight for yourself and not because someone told you to do it. Whenever you feel that your motivation is getting a little shaken, read what you wrote to remember why you started this process.

Have realistic expectations

Before setting goals, you must understand what is realistic for you, considering your current body composition and lifestyle. When setting an unrealistic objective weight, you may experience some frustration and eventually cause you to give up on a diet. If you set realistic expectations, you will feel that your goal is being accomplished.

Set a general goal, but also short-term goals

Usually, when you ask someone how much they want to lose weight, the answer focuses on the ultimate goal. This is correct because it is actually necessary to have a goal to achieve. However, it is just as important to set medium/long-term goals as it is to set short-term ones.

These can be weekly goals as simple as: “this week I will eat vegetables with every meal,” “I will run 3 times a week,” or “during this week, I will stop eating that piece of chocolate at night.” In this way, you will feel that the final goal is getting closer and closer.

For your goals to be more effective, as is the case with those mentioned above, they must be SMART:

– Specific: Specific

– M measurable: measurable

– A attainable: attainable

– R realistic: realistic

– Time-based: definite time


Celebrate your victories

Have you set short-term SMART goals and achieved them? Celebrate! He managed to complete another stage, and we know how challenging it is. So, it is completely normal for you to be proud of yourself and to share that joy. And why not reward yourself? How about celebrating with a small home spa session, buying a new piece of new clothing, or doing a healthy cooking workshop?


Be your best friend

During this process, it is possible that you will not always have positive results and that you will not always comply with the 100% Diet. If that happens, don’t be too hard on yourself and forgive yourself. When you have an “all or nothing” mentality, you are less likely to reach your objective weight. When you commit an excess, imagine that it had happened to a friend of yours and think about what advice I would give you. Then, please take advantage of that same advice and follow it.


Have a support network

Find the person or persons who will support your entire process and help you feel motivated. We all need support, someone who encourages us, and positive feedback. So, share your plans and, who knows, you may even find someone with whom you have common goals and who will accompany you in this challenge.


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