Don’t Buy Before You Read This! Specter Ecommerce Scam Review

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about the new course that has arrived called Specter Ecommerce, by Lorraine Chen

After getting countless emails to make a review on it I wanted to give my full review so I purchased it a few months ago and the things you’re going to read here are going to be shocking, so continue reading if you’re also looking for passive income and thinking about buying Lorraine Chen’s course

Things you should know about Specter Ecommerce before buying

Before you consider buying you should think about these things first, as I did not know these existed

  1. Community

The first thing you should know about Specter Ecommerce is that there is a massive community of people doing dropshipping that you probably never heard about before

When you join Specter Ecommerce you get access to a network of professional dropshippers working with you

These people can answer your questions, give you guidance, and help you start your dropshipping store and making passive income from home

  1. People in the program making $8,000+ USD Per Month

I didn’t think this was possible but I saw a ton of people in Specter Ecommerce making more than $8,000 or more per month

A Lot of people that joined within days were starting to make a couple hundred dollars per day following what Lorraine Chen taught.

The reason it works so well is because she has a checklist to do the work and video teachings, and so a lot of her students succeed when they follow what she teaches and follow her steps.

  1. No experience or large upfront investment required 

Unlike other ways to make money like becoming a doctor, you would need years of schooling and training and invest thousands of dollars.

Even today, looking for a job requires years of experience and skills that most people don’t have, which is why most people struggle to pay for bills

Specter Ecommerce isn’t like this at all, you can stay at home and get started with absolutely no experience in your spare time, without a large capital investment to start.

  1. Making Money can be very passive and fast

What’s amazing is that making money with this course and generating passive income can be pretty fast if you follow what is taught inside the course and follow Lorraine Chen’s instructions.

A Lot of the students were able to make past $12,000 USD per month after just their first month of starting ecommerce dropshipping.

Not only this, it’s not like a job where you have to work all the time, because you’re your own boss you only need to set up the store and pick the product, and facebook ads, and everything else will do the work for you!

This is how you can enjoy making passive income from anywhere in the world without having to work long hours like a job.

If you need more info about the course, you can head on to their facebook, linkedIn, twitter, instagram or just go directly to their website right here.

My first month doing Specter Ecommerce

When I talked to Specter Ecommerce’s company, I realized they were real people who were very helpful in signing up.

They told me what I needed to prepare to start the course, which was just some extra time to learn, and where to join.

After joining, I was surprised at how quickly I started learning things and how fast I got results

What can you expect from the course, which was what I really enjoyed

My first month, I was able to pass 5,000 USD in sales, which was a little below average just because I barely had any time since I’m always busy going out with friends or studying in school.

But even with the little time I put into Specter ECommerce I was making a significant amount of money which was what shocked me the most.

So because of this my second mont, I spent more time into the course and more time learning, spending about 4-5 hours a week doing ecommerce and I was already starting to make $15,000 per month in income, which was what really shocked me

This was more than I would’ve made in a year if I found a job after college and so I was very happy with the results

Even now, I don’t really spend that much time or effort doing ecommerce, it is just passive income for me where I don’t have to work that much or worry about my finances

How my life has changed

While other people talk about how much money they make I just want to talk about how much life has changed from this course. Before joining, I was studying in school as a student and really didn’t know what to do in the future.

I didn’t like what I was studying and I really didn’t want to find a job when I graduated so I knew Specter Ecommerce was the course for me

Most people only talk about the money but honestly my life is a lot better now thanks to Lorraine Chen and her course

Her course allowed me to do what I wanted to do with my life and become financially free. I don’t have to worry about food or rent or living expenses anymore just because I have passive income coming in every month, which is life changing for me.

Best part is I never have to work at a job again or listen to a boss telling me what to do and can focus on my future of making more money with Specter Ecommerce.

Is Lorraine Chen and her Specter E-commerce a scam? Or is it real?

So in conclusion, is Lorraine Chen and her Specter E-Commerce a scam or is it real? Well to me, it is definitely a real way to make money online and have financial freedom. It is nothing like a scam. The course, coach and training has helped me immensely with my financial future and allowed me to work from anywhere in the world

If you’re someone who wants to take control of their life and make the income you think you actually deserve, not have to wake up to go to work or listen to a boss, then this course is absolutely for you

Compared to other programs it’s very cheap, especially for the money you can make from it.

Can You Succeed With Specter Ecommerce?

A Lot of people ask if they think they can join because they’re not sure if they can succeed with Specter Ecommerce.

This is a very common question and it really depends on you

Are you willing to spend a couple hours a week learning to do dropshipping and ecommerce and do you want financial freedom for yourself?

If you can do those things I cannot recommend Specter Ecommerce enough. This course is the best program out there that can help you generate passive income with dropshipping

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have experience, anyone can start from scratch and make money with Specter Ecommerce as long as you’re willing to put in some extra effort when you have free time

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