DoorDash vs UberEats- How Much Can a Delivery Driver Earn?

When it comes to money making, on-demand services are the best and one of the most popular option people opt for. Snagging hustle such as food delivery or grocery delivery is a way of making more money. Working with big giants like UberEats and DoorDash has always been fruitful for the workers in terms of pay.

How does DoorDash make money? Is UberEats your next gig? Or are you wondering to work for both the on-demand services?

People often look for work to make extra cash and what can be better than driving for these companies? Let us study further about which food delivery service supports better opportunities and pays better.

Here’s the difference between DoorDash and UberEats in reference to drivers commission and pay.

DoorDash vs UberEats

Many drivers would give their own suggestions on which one is better. We think the clear winner is none until you have worked for them closely. Some would choose UberEats and others would go for DoorDash. Signing up for DoorDash may pay you better in general but people using UberEats in the market are increasing in number and more likely to have orders coming in.

Moreover, restaurants also choose both the applications to upscale their sales so you may more likely to deliver big orders and get more tips. UberEats driver will receive support on the road with multiple ways if they face any issue, or anything that may interrupt the delivery to the customer.

Let us read one by one the key difference between the two major food delivery businesses.

Base Pay- UberEats

UberEats uses a formula to calculate the wages of the driver and i.e. base fare+ trip supplement+ promotions+ customer tip. This calculation is for each delivery the driver runs. So, it would be an advantage to check how much a delivery boy will get before accepting any order.

Base fare- This is the pay for picking the order from the restaurant and delivering it at the customer’s door. It also includes the distance traveled to deliver and the delivery fees. Uber Eats charges customers a booking fee per order and a part of it goes to the base fare.

Trip Supplement- Trip supplements are given if the delivery location is too far and it will take more time than expected. Many drivers are willing to take more deliveries per hour with less delivery time to make more money.

Promotions- UberEats offer promotions including higher base fare on completing a certain number of deliveries in a day.

Tip- The delivery fee and service fee is charged to the customers and that does not cover the tip. This is purely on the customer if they are willing to give the drivers some amount under TIP and that 100% goes to in the driver’s pocket.

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Base Pay- DoorDash

It is similar to UberEats but the calculation includes only Base fare+ Promotions+ Tips.

Dashers can see the estimated earnings before accepting the order to deliver. If you are satisfied with the DoorDash business model and want to look forward with the same, you can always opt for similar app development.


You can work as much as you want and get to set your own hours of work. Before you start working on deliveries, you need to sign up for either of the company apps.

To sign up for UberEats as a food delivery driver, you first need to make an account on the UberEats site or easy to use application. Whenever you have made a account, you can apply to turn into a driver. Similar is with DoorDash.


Delivery for UberEats is an incredible method for bringing in cash on your own timetable.

UberEats drivers don’t need to make a timetable with the organization; they work when they need to. They can set up their application to get delivery demands.

Perhaps the best thing about working for UberEats is no eatery shifts. Drivers can pick the eateries they need to work with, and they don’t need to work at a specific time. This provides drivers with a great deal of adaptability in regards to their plan for getting work done.

Working as a driver for DoorDash is not quite the same as filling in as a driver for Uber Eats. Indeed these food conveyance administrations appear to be basically the same, however DoorDash shifts stand apart to us.

Assuming the Dashers are accessible during more occupied hours, they can likewise utilize the “Run Now” component to take ongoing orders.

One thing that sticks out for DoorDash as a famous assistance is that assuming you’re doing deliveries as an everyday work, you have the choice to get top movements

Driver support

Being an UberEats driver accompanies simple to get to online help on their Help page.

Also, a few urban areas have Uber Eats workplaces, called Greenlight Hubs, where you can go face to face.

DoorDash is smaller than UberEats, so many Dashers contact driver support on Twitter or basically the DoorDah Support page.


Uber Eats drivers have the choice of being paid in two unique ways.

The primary way is through week by week direct store into your bank account, with no extra expenses. You should give your record data to UberEats, and they will store the cash you acquire into that record.

The first choice is an immediate store into your account balance, also to UberEats, again with no extra charges. There is one more method for utilizing the Instant Pay choice without being charged.

You should give your account details to DoorDash, and they will store the cash you acquire into that account. Income are typically handled on Sunday night for the earlier week and are generally in the driver’s account by Wednesday night.

The subsequent choice is Fast Pay. With this choice, you will get your cash kept into your DoorDash account around the same time you complete the deliveries. 

Tips for Drivers to Earn More Than Paid

Peak Hours

You’ll commonly acquire a reward sum, which can fundamentally expand your profit. Top periods might be late evenings, non-weekend days at noon or end of the week nights. The application will frequently inform you of popularity areas.

Be Picky

There’s no time to waste, so pick deliveries that rush to finish. You might get more cash-flow doing a few short deliveries than one longer-distance one, even it pays an additional a dollar or two. You’ll likewise work on the chances of getting tips from more than one individual in the event that you can do more deliveries quicker.

Multiple Orders

Allow UberEats or DoorDash to arrange your timetable by tolerating different pickups and drop-offs in one request. By killing free time, you’ll make more in conveyance charges and raise the chances of additional tips.

Final Verdict: UberEats vs DoorDash which is better for Drivers?

The two companies are perfect to work for, however I would need to say that UberEats is the better delivery organization to work for as a gig economy work.

They offer greater adaptability with your timetable, and they additionally permit you to get tips through the application.

DoorDash is a nearby second and has a bigger portion of the overall industry of the U.S. market, yet I think UberEats takes the cake with regards to being an extraordinary organization to work for as a driver.

They offer an adaptable plan for getting work done, and you can procure a decent pay. In any case, there are a few distinctions between the two on-demand food delivery app businesses. 

It’s at last dependent upon you to conclude which organization is ideal for you. Yet, we trust that this article has assisted you with settling on a more educated choice. Moreover, if you have an idea to start a business and help the customers and the drivers, but are still confused how to proceed further, contact the best mobile app development services by aPurple. They can help you save a lot of money with the right path to start a similar food delivery business.

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