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Few things are worse than a sink or bathtub filled with dirty water and refusing to drain. No matter how diligent you are in cleaning, you will experience a serious clog that normal DIY tricks cannot solve. If your drain is causing you problems, call our plumbing team Klempner München for a quick and friendly drain cleaning.

How to clean a clogged drain

The best way to avoid clogged drains is to avoid flushing something down the drain that shouldn’t be there. Although bacon fat, for example, seems to flow down the drain well with hot water, you need to think about what will happen when that fat has cooled. Although it can liquefy at warmer temperatures, the grease will eventually cool and solidify, causing it to block the plumbing and trap other debris flowing down the drains.

However, if your drainage is already starting to decrease, it is best to start with a hot water treatment. Boil some water and gently pour it down the drain. This hot water should melt any grease that has accumulated in the drain.

If your drain is completely clogged, the best thing to do is get a cheap drain hose from your local hardware store or use an old wire hanger that you no longer need. You can use one of these tools to investigate what is preventing drains from flowing. These tools tend to pick up clumps of old food or hair caught in the drain and prevent it from flowing. Throw away whatever goes into the trash so it doesn’t go down the drain.

What can I pour down a drain to get it out?

The safest thing to pour down the drain is water. All other drugs have their risks. Although caustic drain cleaners, for example, can effectively clean clogs, they work best when the flushing doesn’t stop completely. Likewise, the serious quality of the drain cleaner can eat up not only clogs, but also pipes. If your plumbing is older, we recommend that you do not use caustic drain cleaners or vinegar and baking soda to clear the clog.

Call our team as soon as possible

If your do-it-yourself solutions still don’t solve your problem, it may be time to call in a professional plumber. Our Denton plumbers have the tools to effectively clean and purify your drains. You can even schedule ongoing plumbing maintenance to avoid serious clogs in the future.

Our team can clear backups from the sewer system and use video cameras to determine the exact location of obstructions. We can even use our proprietary Hydro Scrub spray technology to clear the clog and scrub pipes with a high-pressure water jet.

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