Helpful Guide On How To Get Verified As An Artist On Instagram And Facebook

Helpful Guide On How To Get Verified As An Artist On Instagram And Facebook

You may be working your way to becoming a famous singer, musician, or artist. But not hitting the right chord yet should not hold you back from getting your social media accounts verified. As you get noticed and grow in popularity, there may be other fake accounts claiming to be you.

Though you may think it’s difficult to get your account verified as an artist; a good digital PR agent will help you through the process successfully. It is important for you to get this blue tick of approval to enhance your credibility and protect your growing image. It ensures that no one other than you get to reap the benefits of your hard work and that your identity is protected and not stolen or imitated.

So, here are a few tips to get verified as an artist: 

Express your fears of impersonation

The ease with which a person can create a fake account is frightening. There are many cases of criminals creating fake accounts, pretending to be celebrities or musicians, and misusing their accounts to lure unsuspecting victims. These accounts are not fan accounts but accounts that mimic the celebrity or artist and interact with users. Suppose you suggest to a social media platform that you are at a high risk of being impersonated with malicious or harmful intent. In that case, your chances of being considered for verification are higher. When you buy Instagram verification services, your agency will help you present this fear of impersonation to the social media platform. 

Put in the effort

Your account should be complete, active, and worthy of being given the verification badge. You need to put in the hard work that it takes to maintain an active and interesting account. Your posts should be interesting, catchy, engaging, and of high quality. You should post regularly and at peak times to get the most views. Regular interaction with other users through likes and comments is also important. If you are trying to figure how you can improve your account, approach a reputed digital PR agency and buy their Instagram account verification service. An agency will improve the quality and frequency of your posts, improve engagement, and help you grow your followers organically. 

Stand out

To be given the verified badge, your account needs to be authentic, unique, notable, and complete. Authenticity and uniqueness can be achieved by not being lazy and putting creativity into your account. You need to showcase your work through your account, because that makes you unique. Professional digital PR agents will guide you on how to highlight your talent through social media. They will advise you on how to buy Instagram verification badge and the steps that you must take to improve your account. Moreover, an Instagram account verification service will help you get valuable media mentions that build up your image. 


You may have a preferred social media platform that seems user-friendly and safe. You can expand your presence to as many social media platforms as possible and maintain the same level of activity and content quality on all of them. This is not difficult when you leverage a good Instagram account verification service. A Facebook or Instagram verification service will also ensure that all the required aspects of your accounts are cohesive, complete, and satisfy the requirements of the social media platforms. 

The blue tick ensures that people who find you online are impressed and know that you are a notable talent. It protects your online persona through your journey of creativity and artistic success.

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