Dubai: Exhibition of Laptops and Talking Microwaves for the Blind

Laptops for the blind and talking microwaves for children with autism are also on display at the fifth edition of the Access Abilities Expo in Dubai.

The event aims to showcase best practices, projects and new technologies to further improve the lives of the region’s 50 million people.

Bringing together 250 exhibitors under one roof, the exhibition will continue for three days. By the way, the highlight of this expo will be the eight top innovations present here, but two of these items, e-Belle Laptop and Bolta Microwave, are the most special.

The eBelle laptop is specially designed for the visually impaired, allowing any digital text files to be transcribed using Braille. It contains the complete Quran with audio guidance and translation, can also be used to take notes and can be stored like a regular laptop.

Other special items on display include a talking microwave equipped with tactile buttons, which provide guidance to blind people so that they can use it easily at home, which informs the user of the functions of each button.

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