Israeli Army

Israeli Army Bombing, 560 Palestinian Martyrs, More than 100,000 Displaced

The series of air attacks on Gaza by the Israeli army continues for the third day, the number of martyred Palestinians has reached 560, while 2 thousand 900 have been injured and more than 123 thousand have been displaced.

Clashes between Hamas resistance fighters and Israeli forces continued for the third day, with Israeli warplanes carrying out brutal bombardment of the northern areas of the Gaza Strip, destroying several buildings.

Hamas says that 4 Israeli hostages were killed in the Israeli attacks, the number of martyred Palestinians in the attacks has reached 560 and 2 thousand 900 have been injured.

700 Israelis including 73 soldiers were killed in Hamas attacks.

The Israeli army has claimed to have regained control of communities on the outskirts of Gaza, while Israeli troops and tanks began massing in the border area with Gaza.

The Israeli Air Force says that more than 500 targets of Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been targeted in the Gaza Strip, about 100 rockets were fired at the Israeli city of Ashkelon, 130 Israeli soldiers and civilians are imprisoned in Gaza.

A spokesman for the Israeli army has admitted that it is taking longer than expected to bring the situation under control.

The spokesman of the Israeli army compared the attack by Hamas to the 9/11 attack and said that the attack by Hamas was similar to the 9/11 attack in the United States.

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