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Effective Techniques To Fix A Water Dispenser That’s Making Water Taste Bad

A water dispenser is a valuable addition to any office or home. Of course, your faucet is technically a water dispenser. However, when you invest in quality water coolers, a water dispenser won’t just provide you with water. It will also filter it, removing an array of toxins to ensure it is safe to drink and tastes fantastic.

You probably assume that the water from your faucet is clean. However, it is has been through a cleaning process that removes debris and adds chemicals. It also has the risk of re-contamination after leaving the treatment works. In short, the water may not be as clean as you think, that’s why millions of Australians have water dispensers with filters built into.

There are many different water filters on the market, the most popular ones tend to be carbon filters and reverse osmosis. Whichever one you use you will notice the difference in the taste and even the smell of the water. You’ll also notice when the water starts to taste bad.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to fix this.

Replace the Filter

All water filters consist of a container that houses the actual filter. Although filters are very effective at trapping contaminants in the water, they eventually become clogged and need to be replaced. It is not usually advisable to wash the filter and reuse it.

Your filter will have come with instructions regarding how to replace the filter, simply follow these and run the water for a few minutes. You should notice a difference in the taste

Clean The Filter Housing

If changing the water filter hasn’t helped the taste then it’s time to look at cleaning the filter housing. This is the piece where the filter sits and it is possible a variety of contaminants have built up inside the container, making the water taste bad.

To resolve the issue you’ll need to shut your main water supply off and pull the filter out of the housing. It is then possible to clean the inside of the housing with soap and warm water. Give it a good scrubbing and then replace the lid without the filter.

This will allow you to flush the container out without damaging the filter. You can then shut the water off again and re-insert the filter. Your water should taste a lot better.

Trapped Air

It is worth noting that air trapped in the lines can get into the water and create a funny taste. The air gets into the lines whenever you change the filter. The only way to remove the air is to operate the faucet, allowing the water and the air to escape. It will generally take between 10-15 litres of water to eliminate the air and get your water tasting better.

If none of the above work then you may need to get your water supply tested to confirm there is no unusual contaminant that the filter is incapable of removing.

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