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Eight Must-Try PPC Strategies for 2021

Companies investing in PPC get an average return of $2 for every $1 they spend. Would you want to get the average return? Successful PPC strategies continue to change. Keep up with these changes to ensure your business uses PPC to achieve its objectives. You can enjoy a higher ROI if you improve your PPC marketing strategy. Maximize your PPC return with these eight strategies.

  1. Call Recording

Call recording can give you valuable insights that transform your PPC campaigns. If you sell expensive services or goods, customers may want a discussion with your team before they purchase. Use call extensions and ads and services by Clarity PPC to enable them to call.

Customers’ conversations and behaviour after the call can provide useful ideas. Call recording can tell you whether they were good leads. Companies work with third-party tracking systems. These programs help them with the insights. You can integrate the tracking systems and use them while in the Google ecosystem.

  1. Audience Targeting

Anyone with marketing experience has heard of this approach many times. We are repeating it because it is a critical approach to PPC success. Understand your audience to target them. You will need to know their customer journey, preferences, behaviours, and needs to target them.

Once you understand your audience, you can develop ways to help them. Curate your content, keywords, and websites to help searchers.

Search algorithms check the relevance of paid advertisements to search queries before they show them. Your pages are likely to show up among the top results if they offer the most relevant and useful responses to searches. The clicks you get will also be the right ones.

  1. Customer Match and Remarketing

Customer match and remarketing are excellent strategies for your PPC campaigns. Remarketing shows your ads to people who have visited your site. Customer match enables you to use your customer list to reach people across multiple platforms, including YouTube.

Leverage these strategies to excel in PPC. Remarketing enables you to convert visitors that didn’t complete their purchase. Statistics show that 70% of people you retarget will buy your services or products. Customer match ensures your business is visible to prospects. These people are likely to be buying customers for your business.

  1. Use Bumper and Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads tailor your advertisements and fill the gaps in your keyword-based ads with your website content. You can choose the landing pages and web pages that Google uses to generate them. Choose content-rich and rarely updated pages for dynamic search ads. Google will create long-tail targeted keywords for dynamic search ads.

Bumper ads are an excellent way to promote your PPC campaigns. It comprises short video ads that viewers cannot skip. The videos play for about a minute, and you use clusters of videos with other ad formats to achieve your objectives. Creating short videos can be challenging, but you should manage.

  1. Have Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart shopping campaigns integrate display remarketing and standard shopping campaigns using ad placement and automated bidding to promote your services or products. They are excellent marketing avenues for retailers, as Google prioritizes them.

Smart shopping campaigns feature on all networks. Your ads will run on YouTube, Gmail, and the Display network. People are hesitant to try this approach, but it can yield many benefits. Many of them have an issue with its limited control and integration with remarketing. Businesses that use smart shopping appreciate that its rewards are worth the effort.

  1. Budget Reviews

Many businesses want to succeed with PPC campaigns while on an unrealistic budget. While most ad platforms offer a lot of flexibility, you may need to spend a little more to prosper. Setting aside little resources can prevent you from achieving your objectives.

Set a realistic budget for your PPC campaigns. Research your industry’s averages to determine the amount of money you need. The amount that other companies use can give you a baseline for your campaigns. You may add some extra amount on the averages for the different trials to know what works.

Review your budget and expenditure. Monitoring your resources enables you to make changes early and abandon the campaigns that don’t yield the expected results. You may also add the allocations for an ad if you notice your limits hinder its success.

  1. Test New Features and Platforms

Many people are hesitant to try new features and platforms. They prefer what they know. New functions and avenues can yield many benefits. You may discover better ways of marketing to your audience.

Some of the platforms to check out are:

  • Microsoft Advertising Network: This platform may not offer the same volume and revenue results as Google, but it has an excellent ROI. Users enjoy it, as many people aren’t using it.
  • Microsoft In-Market Audiences: This feature takes advantage of the user’s intent to buy to advertise your business. These prospects are likely to buy if you retarget them.
  • Discovery Campaigns: These ads can help you capture the audience’s attention. They use visually rich ad formats to target users of various Google platforms.

Take advantage of these new platforms and features to achieve your objectives.

  1. Consider Mobile Users

Statistics show that mobile users account for over 50% of the world’s internet traffic. Considering these users on your PPC campaigns can help you achieve your objectives. Most of them want a pleasant experience, and they choose platforms that satisfy this need.

Having a mobile-friendly PPC campaign can help you achieve your objectives. You will have landing pages that are responsive to mobile. Your pages will also offer mobile searchers the functionality they need to find what they need. These users won’t leave your site when they open the first page. A high bounce rate would affect your rankings.

Professional Help with PPC Management

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