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Reasons Why SMS Marketing Has Climbed The Popularity Charts

The focus of the brands is to target customers on the move. So no doubts to the fact that bulk SMS service has gone on to scale new heights. But with fewer digital marketing agencies relying on this form of marketing the brands are losing out on potential customers with a substantial ROI. Organizations are of the opinion that SMS marketing might require a major investment in apps, but I seldom works in that way. let us now flip through the ways by which SMS marketing can be beneficial

A direct and an immediate channel

SMS rates to be one of the immediate channels that is available in the present day market. The read rate is a staggering 97% and within 15 seconds the messages reaches out to the audience. On the other hand when you combine it with social media channels it tends to be doubly effective.

With short codes you can incorporate response and build the database

The customers should be making the first move by entering a code, be it social media or any other type of advertisements. Such a strategy indicates that the customers became familiar with the brand code of the company and are more likely to respond.

It supports and integrates with other channels

 The need of the hour is that all marketing channels work together and SMS is not an exception to this. Being a stand- alone channel it has the ability to integrate and support other marketing channels. Even being on the own it can go on to enhance and support other marketing efforts. An example is that you sent out an email to the clients asking them whether they have gone on to read the last email . In addition it goes on to increase the response rate by 30 % on an average.

Be aware about your customers

By the medium of SMS surveys are conducted and you can obtain viable inputs from the customer. One of the striking features with an SMS campaign is that within a short span of time you can avail worthy results.

Enhance customer engagement

Just think of SMS as a tool where the brand is going to engage with the customer across the entire product cycle. A business has to pay heed to every content type that they dish out. Further the customers would  value the updates and other sort of information about the brand. When you deliver this message by an email it might take a long period of time but with SMS the process is fast and secure.

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Some of the marketers feel that text messaging might be invasive, but when it comes to the local clinics there is no better form of marketing. In fact you can engage the audience within a short span of time. In addition the brands can rely on offers like discounts, sales vouchers so as to attract the customers

To conclude these are some of the benefits of SMS marketing that you can avail.

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