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Why is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

Marketing is very much necessary to promote your goods and commodities. For many decades, people are using marketing to advertise their business. 15 years ago, digital marketing was not as prevalent; many big brands used traditional marketing for promoting their services. But these days, due to advancements in digital media, people are switching to digital marketing, yet many of them have still held traditional ways of marketing. But this 2020 year has an outbreak of COVID19-pandemic, so almost in the beginning the business was started shattering but thanks to digital marketing which has been doing a great job. It is the power of digital marketing. In this blog, I will discuss why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

So read on the full blog to know why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

If you want to execute your business successfully, it is essential to opt for the right kind of marketing technique and you can learn by following guides by The24HourMarketer. The main motive is your hard work and efforts don’t get wasted. Your promotion techniques have the power to reach among the different audiences. Yes, without any doubt, traditional marketing worked so well in the future. But due to advancements in technology, every business is harnessing digital media. To save time and money, people are switching to digital marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

The way of accomplishing advertising or doing campaigning via printed ads, business cards, magazines, pamphlets, posters, banners, radio, TV, and newspapers to spread business awareness among audiences is called traditional marketing. In this, communication is known as one-way communication.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the way of advertising the goods and commodities deploying online media like mobile phones and laptops to promote on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is called digital marketing. It is more efficient and automated. The communication here is two-way communication. Here the audience can get connected through social media and can give a response.

Reasons behind digital marketing are far better than traditional marketing?

  1. Reduction on extra cost
  2. Results tracking
  3. Great exposure
  4. High engagement
  5. Prompt promotion
  6. Building of brand

Reduction on extra cost

In traditional marketing newspapers, banners, ads promotion, pamphlets are needed. These are not cheap. They incur so much cost. But with the advent of digital marketing, all the extra cost gets mitigated, as it involves only a phone (Which every person is having) and needs a social media platform to promote services.

Results tracking

In traditional marketing, it is not known how many days you possess to achieve results. Sometimes, ads are shooted a year ago and still not get released on time. But in digital marketing, everything is so prompt. Even if you can check the number of visitors to your social media channel to support your brand, also you can check at which particular time maximum people are online. You can track conversion and bounce rates as well in digital marketing. Do you think that these things are possible in traditional marketing?

Great exposure

In traditional marketing, only local regions are covered. If there is some company in Dubai, if it uses traditional marketing, then only Dubai people will come to know about it. Still, on the other hand, if using digital marketing, then people globally will know the brand name of the company.

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High engagement

Digital marketing allows us to interact with people in real life. You can ask their feedback about your products and services. This way, you can address the grievances of the audience. So the audience gets engaged more in this marketing. But what do you think? Is it possible in traditional marketing? In traditional marketing, you can’t get to interact with the audience. You will come to know very late whether people are liking or disliking your services. It is quite a long process.

Prompt promotion

In the digital marketing “Viral” term is so common. It has the power to promote your brand to the next level; It can get quickly viral. On the contrary, in traditional marketing, there is no such viral concept. It accomplishes task promotion slowly.

Building of brand

Your brand in digital marketing is promoted globally. It takes only a few seconds to get viral. Due to social media, it is spread among different communities of people. It takes less time and can achieve good fame. But in traditional marketing, there is no fast response. Brand building takes time.

Comparison Table of Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Key features Digital marketing Traditional marketing
Deployment People are using it more, due to the usage of social media Traditional marketing techniques are outdated these days
Cost incur Cost is low It involves a high cost.
Emphasis Profit+Audience reach +brand awareness+user satisfaction Profit+ brand awareness
Ads Dynamic and be modified according to conditions Static in nature
Reach A brand is promoted via social media, so it has a high reach Reach is not as high after some times advertisement gets outdated.
Tracking tool Tracking is performed in digital marketing There is no tracking in traditional marketing
communication It is a two-way communication It is a one-way communication
Target area High low
Audience Local+Global are targeted Only Local audience gets targeted
ROI It has a high ROI It has a low ROI
Time Results are achieved in a small period Results are achieved in a large duration.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is much faster than traditional marketing; Even it incurs less cost than traditional marketing. I hope this blog works for you. In this blog, we have discussed why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. We hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you have any queries, ask us freely in the comment section.

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