Varicose Vein Treatment

How Much Does Varicose Vein Treatment Cost?

How much does varicose veins treatment costIf you are looking for spider veins removal costswe invite you to the USA Veins Clinic to find the answer in detail.  But before we share the cost of treatment for varicose veins, let’s delve into the foundation.

What are varicose veins? 

Varicose veins appear due to circulatory problems, causing swelling and dilation of the veins. It is generally a problem that worsens over time, increasing its size and, consequently, the appearance of complications such as phlebitis, abnormal formation of the skin in the area of the affected veins, thrombosis, or bleeding. You should know that the more time you let pass, the condition can reach more complex and problematic degrees, with surgical treatment being the only solution. Hence, immediately call our specialists for an evaluation along with the varicose veins treatment cost.

Why is varicose vein removal necessary?

The need to resort to varicose vein removal is mainly to eliminate the problem for aesthetic and health reasons. Below we highlight the following reasons:

Improve the appearance of the legs: With the treatment and after the postoperative period, the inflammation of the veins will decrease, and the appearance of your legs will improve, restoring normality in the area.

Prevent complications: By opting for varicose vein treatment, you can prevent significant complications of the condition, avoiding the risk of bleeding, phlebitis, venous ulcers, etc.

Restore quality of life: After the procedure, discomfort, and pain disappear, guaranteeing that you return to daily activities without limitations.

What is treatment with spider veins removal cost?

Avoid the aggravation of varicose veins and other complications with our spider veins treatment, such as Vein Ablation, ClariVein Treatment, and Sclerotherapy.

To start this process, you must first contact our patient care team or request an evaluation consultation, completely free of charge- immediately. Our advisers will manage and confirm the time and dates that best suit your preferences and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Next, we explain the entire procedure, from the consultation to the complete recovery after varicose vein treatment.

Assessment consultation:

On the day of the appointment and already in consultation with our specialist at the USA Vein Clinic, they will ask you about the discomfort caused by varicose veins. If there are, you will also need information about other symptoms or problems caused by the condition. After the interview, the doctor will also perform a physical examination, which will serve to determine whether or not treatment is necessary and will conclude the diagnosis.

After the evaluation consultation, our patient care advisor will contact you again and inform you about what you must do to continue with the procedure, indicating the necessary documentation and confirming the date of the intervention.

Does medical insurance cover varicose veins treatment cost?

Yes. For the most part. Some insurance companies consider some of the investigational or cosmetic treatments. We do a complete evaluation at your initial visit to prove medical necessity. Any non-covered treatment will also discussed with you at this initial visit.

Are “varicose veins” considered pre-existing?

Most insurance companies apply “varicose veins” under the list of pre-existing conditions. If you are in the pre-existing waiting period, it is best to call your insurance to verify whether varicose veins are pre-existing. Your insurance will not cover vein ultrasounds and treatments while in a pre-existing waiting period.

How much do the treatments cost?

The initial evaluation depends on whether or not both legs evaluated. The first assessment will billed to your insurance and may applied toward your deductible. We review your other insurance costs and benefits at your initial visit.

What is included in the cost of treatment for varicose veins?

In the cost of treatment for varicose veins that we also provide, everything necessary to carry out the operation with the significant safety and effectiveness possible for the patient is included, providing an all-inclusive expense.

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